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The worlds most user-friendly Strategic Sourcing platform

Founded in 1999, Scanmarket is the market-leading global Strategic Sourcing platform. Our proven cloud-based solutions are trusted by 300+ customers across more than 80 countries.

The secret to our success and longevity is simple: A constant focus on helping our customers achieve their business goals by providing them with the very best strategic sourcing solutions and support in a globally-accessible, easy-to-use platform.


We drive business results

It’s no secret why Scanmarket consistently receives the highest customer satisfaction scores in industry analyst reports. It’s because we’ve developed our platform and services with only one goal: Helping our customers get the best results for their organization. We do this through our unique combination of advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and expert services.

Our guiding star is to provide all users with outstanding customer support - from implementation to running events. Our job isn't done before you are getting results.


Have an urgent question? Let us know via our unique Quick Call feature and we give you a call back. 95% of all Quick Calls are answered within 5 minutes.


Any successful relationship takes work and dedicated attention. We provide you with a personal dedicated account manager who knows your company and your unique requirements, saving you time and money while delivering better outcomes.


Our software is packed with features. With proper configuration, you can make sure your team has access to the right features exactly where they need them to fit your business. The possibilities are endless.

Our eSourcing Philosophy

Our eSourcing Philosophy

Our eSourcing Philosophy
eSourcing is what we do and we’ve been doing it since the term was invented. Along the way, we learned many great lessons from some of the world’s best organizations. The best eSourcing teams we’ve seen have several characteristics in common:
  1. Transparency wins
  2. It just plain works
  3. Keep it simple
  4. It’s not about the technology
  5. Get everyone involved

More about Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Scanmarket is more than just a technology platform. We are Strategic Sourcing experts with a long history and many accolades to back it up.
Understanding technology, techniques and processes associated with building and sustaining successful eSourcing programs is our core strength. 
Our Scanmarket Mission is to share our expertise by coaching and helping our customers be successful.

Our Vision

Scanmarket’s Vision is to spread adoption and use of eSourcing while increasing the total 'Spend Under Management' across all industries and geographies.
We believe eSourcing offers a future-proof method to achieve: 
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainable cost savings
  • Market transparency
  • Compliance

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From 1999 - today

Our Beginning

Scanmarket was established in 1999, initially as an open marketplace. We quickly recognized that businesses were looking for a complete, stand-alone software platform with which to manage their buying activity.

As customers embraced this evolution, Scanmarket expanded rapidly across Europe, becoming a leader in the space.

Even from our early days, Scanmarket generated strong, sustained customer growth, through a relentless focus on:
  • Customer business results
  • A strong dedication to serving our customers with excellence
  • Listening to the unique needs of our customers
  • Rapidly delivering innovation via Agile software development


The Scanmarket platform trusted by 300+ customers in more than 80 countries. Our customers work with vendors in more than 160 countries.

Scanmarket has grown our platform to support the entire end-to-end Strategic Sourcing process. Additionally, to better serve our global customers, we expanded operations with offices in:
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States