Scanmarket’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

Our resolutions to make strategic sourcing even better in 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016
BY: Ole Nielsen, Chairman and Founder

1. Value sells, not marketing - Marketing matters, but not nearly so much as having customers that garner real, meaningful value from our solutions. We will continue to focus on delivering for our customers, knowing they will talk to their peers.


2. Push the envelope – Our customers want us to not only give them what they ask for, but think ahead to what they will need going forward. That’s why we have provided complex bidding capabilities, Bidmatrix and improved Contract management. More to come in 2016.


3. Listen – Always ask where the market is headed and what our customers need. While we understand strategic sourcing as well as anyone, it doesn’t mean we don’t learn every day from what our clients are going through.


4. KISS (Keep it simple stupid) – the foundation of our success over the last 16 years has been based on providing our customers with the best and easiest way to get their strategic sourcing done regardless of how complicated the problem might be.


5. Stay true to the vision – We started Scanmarket with a simple vision. Provide the very best in strategic sourcing, make it easy to use, and be there when our customers need us. Quick Call in particular has proven to be a very popular tool for giving customers and their stakeholders immediate access to sourcing professionals.