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Grading criteria for the scoring below is based on Gartner Peer Insights. Reviews are rigorously vetted by Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, with no vendor bias, no hidden agendas, just the real voices of enterprise users.

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Based on Customer Reviews

2021 SoftwareReviews Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant

Scanmarket Awarded Gold

SoftwareReviews collect and analyze detailed reviews on enterprise software from real users to provide a thorough view into potential products and vendors before you buy.  

SoftwareReviews named Scanmarket a gold medalist based on an 8.7/10 composite score, which represents the combined satisfaction score from a number of current end users. 

The report found that ERFx and Auction Management were two of the strongest capabilities associated with Scanmarket, resulting in a 100% Plan to Renew reported by their users. 

Scanmarket also secured top satisfaction scores in a variety of areas representing vendor capabilities and product features, and more importantly in the softer values of emotional footprint.
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