CEO, Scanmarket A/S

Betina Nygaard

Betina Nygaard is the CEO of SCANMARKET. In this role, Betina leads the sales, product development, and operations functions for the company as well as guiding the company’s overall strategy and vision.  

Betina has been with SCANMARKET since 2001 in a variety of roles, assuming the CEO role in 2007.  During this period, Scanmarket has seen sustained growth exceeding 20 % per year.  

Prior to Scanmarket, Betina held sales, alliance and operations management roles for several Danish manufacturers in the furniture and textile industries.  Betina graduated from the Aarhus University in 1992 and speaks Danish, English and German fluently.
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Founder and CCO

Ole P. Nielsen

Ole P. Nielsen is responsible for the global operation and corporate growth of Scanmarket, he has nearly two decades of experience in enterprise software applications.

Ole founded Scanmarket on the notion that customer results were paramount and cost containment was a rapid and efficient means of making a positive and significant impact on a company’s bottom line. His vision, spawned during the very early years of the Source-to-Pay revolution of the late 1990s, delivered fully managed eSourcing enabling technology & strategic consultancy services to companies, large and small.

Ole is routinely sought after for his thought leadership in international corporate growth strategies, strategic sourcing, entrepreneurship and business operational excellence both in Europe and North America. When not working, Ole is active through various charitable and community endeavors, he is also an active member of the Danish American Chamber of Commerce.

Ole is a graduate of Aarhus Business College in Aarhus, Denmark.

Vagn Nielsen

Vagn P. Nielsen is a co-founder of Scanmarket and Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, he manages all corporate, administrative and financial operations for the company globally. 

A successful entrepreneur who has started several companies, Vagn has significant purchasing and procurement experience and began his career in purchasing.
Senior Vice President of Operations, Scanmarket A/S

Henrik Balslev

Henrik Balslev is responsible for our global  sales and the overall delivery of consultancy and customer services. 

Henrik has been with Scanmarket since 2006 in a variety of roles, assuming the Senior Vice President of Operations role in 2015. Henrik has a master in International Business from Aarhus University.
Senior Vice President, Scanmarket North America

Glenn Danielsen

Glenn Danielsen is responsible for North America sales activities and for turning new potential leads into customers. Glenn is a relationship builder who creates strong commercial alliances with customers, thereby maintaining and improving the overall relationships. 

Glenn has been with Scanmarket since 2007 in different Consultancy and Sales roles. Prior to Scanmarket, he worked in a Product Manager role in a Dutch manufacturing company establishing long-term relationships with customers and serving as the link between customers and the development division.  

Glenn holds a Master in International Business from the University in Aarhus, Denmark in 2001 and studied a semester at the School of Economics in Warsaw, Poland.
David McMinn
VP North American Operations

David McMinn

David McMinn is responsible for Scanmarket's North America Sales and Operations.

David started his career with AutoZone where he spent 14 years in various roles from operating stores to leading the Sourcing department. Then he spent 5 years at Office Depot as VP of Sourcing and 2 years each at Office Max and Unisource as VP of Sourcing. David was also a partner with a start-up company, Manage Mobility for 13 years, before selling to Peak-Ryzex, here he served as SVP North American Operations.

David has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Almeda University.
Director of Consultancy

Mille A. Høst

Mille Albæk Høst is Scanmarket's Director of Consultancy. Since she joined our team in 2008 Mille has been part of every aspect of Scanmarket's consultancy across every module of the platform including training, supplier management, strategy, Fully-managed events, implementation, customer support and product roadmap development among others.

Prior to Scanmarket, she was part of the Sourcing Excellence group at Vestas Wind Systems. As Director of Consultancy and Key Account Management, Mille is focusing her efforts on bringing an analytical and execution mindset to the entire team to help Scanmarket's customers meet their sourcing goals and drive results.

Mille has a Masters of Science in Information Technology Management from Aalborg University.
Director of Sales & Marketing (UK)

Dan Gianfreda

Dan Gianfreda is Director of Sales and Marketing for the UK. He has worked in the eSourcing market since 2011, and joined Scanmarket in 2016. He is responsible for running all aspects of the UK operation, including Account Management, Sales and Marketing. He is also responsible for the global lead generation team, and works closely with the global marketing team. 

Prior to Scanmarket, Dan was Head of Account Management for a UK based eSourcing provider, Due North, where he was responsible for re-building the Account Management function. He successfully, and significantly, increased customer satisfaction and retention by ensuring that customers were fully and pro-actively supported throughout their entire eSourcing journey. 

Dan is very passionate about helping organisations transform their sourcing operations and maximise their sourcing results and believes that the most important support begins, rather than ends, at system implementation.   

Dan has a first class honours degree in Psychology from Northumbria University.
Director of Technology

Troels Tolstrup

Troels Tolstrup leads Scanmarket’s software development team and manages all technical aspects of platform operations, maintenance and performance. 

Troels is a highly skilled developer with significant experience in .NET and J2EE stacks among others. He has been with Scanmarket since 2012 with prior experience in multiple industries including telecom, master data management, and data centers.