Ensuring a Fast Start to eSourcing


  • Anglian Water had limited experience with eSourcing
  • Procurement teams had some reluctance to participate
  • Pilot program needed to get a fast start and strong savings to be successful
  • Organizational buy-in critical to success


  • Conducted pilot eSourcing projects on Scanmarket platform
  • Selected pilot categories based on spend opportunity analysis
  • Developed best practices manuals for both buyers and bidders
  • Conducted in-person trainings for buyers


  • Saved 29% vs. current pricing on first event
  • Scanmarket eSourcing platform adopted across procurement team
  • The system is now used in the day to day work
"Scanmarket has provided excellent support; experience and expertise, along with the right tools and web platform to ensure Anglian Water Services achieve effective implementation over short time period"
— Karen Thompson, eSourcing Manager