An Easier Solution Leads to Big Volume Increases


  • Nissan is an eSourcing veteran with experience on multiple platforms
  • Existing tools were too complicated for all but the most “super” of users
  • They needed to achieve dramatic increases in their eSourcing volume to meet savings targets
  • Needed user-friendly tools for all regions



  • Nissan implemented the Scanmarket eSourcing platform across business units starting in Europe
  • Train-the-trainer approach for each business unit
  • Objectives set based on number of events regardless of value to encourage participation



  • “Sit someone in front of Scanmarket and soon they’ll be up and running”
  • Dramatic increases in eSourcing volume and savings, especially in new categories
    • Print
    • Marketing
    • Engineering
    • Plant spending


"The tools are proving to be very successful and simple to use. Scanmarket takes a ‘can-do’ approach and provides first class support"
— Barry Wilmer, Purchase Systems Development