Seeing More Than Just Movies at Paramount Pictures


  • Global effort to roll out strategic sourcing across company
  • Limited visibility to common spend and suppliers across projects/titles through A/P or other source systems
  • Complex business structure with GLs and cost centers by title in addition to business units and geography



  • Implemented single instance of Scanmarket Spend Analysis globally 
  • Used fact-based approach with spend owners to let the data drive spend control decisions
  • Included film industry SMEs in cleansing and enrichment process to help with specialized categories



  • Dramatically increased ability to aggregate indirect spend for sourcing projects
  • In one project, was able to significantly reduce subscriptions spend by rationalizing vendor spend by GL
    Sourcing team now being asked to participate by business owners
  • Increased global collaboration across different teams
"We let the data drive the discussions with the business"
— Jeff Ariz, Global Sourcing