No Proactive Management of Contracts

One of our clients was previously struggling to manage their contracts. Some of their contracts were uploaded to a shared server with very limited search options, some were hard copies sitting in filing cabinets and few contracts had been uploaded to Microsoft SharePoint.

They often struggled to find a contract, no one took ownership of contracts and they often missed renewal dates. Basically, they were relying on very traditional ways of storing, tracking, and managing contracts.

Implementing Contract Management Software

  • Implementing Contract Management with user-designed templates for the different kinds of contracts
  • Customized set of metadata fields on each template to ensure to capture the right data
  • Checklists and approval workflows to make certain all new contracts are set up in the right way
  • Access control to contracts managed for the different business units
  • Majority of existing contracts migrated into the tool using an import feature which included metadata fields, stakeholders, reminder dates and attachments

No Longer Missing Renewal Dates

  • Simple and easy dashboard to access and report on all contract elements
  • Increased stakeholder engagement in the approval phase as well as with ongoing management
  • All stakeholder communication is captured within the tool with a complete audit trail
  • Option to easily find key contract terms and fields rather than having to flip through contracts to find termination options, payment terms, service level provisions, etc.
  • Notifications received well in advance of renewal dates