Security Services across the UK

The buyer wanted to check the market for a potential new supplier of security guards and security for their head office and retail estate. The current contract was close to expiry and although the buyer was satisfied with the incumbent supplier, they wanted to consider alternative solutions that could include additional services as well as lower costs.

The previous spend had been £700,000 a year for nearly 700 stores across the United Kingdom and head office security.

Substantial eRFP Process

  • Stakeholder requirements were added to the eRFP - suppliers were asked how they would handle guard response times and attendance, key holding, additional services, etc.
  • Documents including Store List, Standard Services Agreement, Guarding Response Times, etc. were uploaded to the eRFP
  • 16 suppliers were invited including the incumbent supplier
  • Suppliers had to accept an NDA in order to be allowed access to the eRFP
  • Suppliers were given 2½ weeks to complete their response
  • A Q&A process was built into the eRFP to handle all potential queries

Large Number of Suppliers were identified

  • 11 suppliers met the requirements and wanted to participate in the eRFP 
  • Savings of nearly 20% were identified
  • Price indications showed very close competition and the buyer decided to proceed to an eAuction negotiation to award to contract