Facing Corruption in Procurement

The buyer, a large private company based in a country challenged by corruption, had a cumbersome manual procurement process which meant all suppliers had to hand in their tender offers in a sealed envelope. All offers were placed in a box and opened once a week. This process made them face multiple challenges as the buyer was unable to monitor progress:

  • Did suppliers understand the specifications?
  • Were all questions answered?
  • Did suppliers bid for all items tendered?
  • And more...

Introducing eSourcing

  • All tenders are now run via the Scanmarket platform
  • To avoid corruption, all events are automatically created as locked - meaning that the event manager can't access the questionnaire and the bid list until after the event deadline
  • The event manager is now able to monitor progress and follow up with suppliers before the deadline:
    • Have suppliers logged in?
    • Are suppliers working on the tender?
    • Have suppliers answered all questions and submitted bids for all items?
    • Messaging is used to respond to Q&A from suppliers

An Active Choice to Fight Corruption

  • Improved process and ability to monitor progress and supplier activity
  • Easy access to support and communication with suppliers
  • Full compliance and audit documentation ensuring internal policies are complied with
  • Our client has made an active choice to act responsibly and fight corruption by using the “Locked Events” feature