Waste Oil Handling Across 40 Ports

The buyer, a shipping company, wanted a structured RFP process for clarifying the market situation for waste oil handling across 40 different ports. The RFP process should ensure that suppliers were evaluated on the total cost of ownership. The shipping company wanted to reduce the number of suppliers and wanted to make sure that all ports were covered by a contract. A total of 96 suppliers were invited.

Cherry Picking Format for Flexibility

  • The buyer selected an RFx Cherry Picking format for the event because none of the suppliers were able to support all 40 ports
  • The suppliers could quote for each of the 40 ports which they were able to support
  • Waste handlings by port in the 2nd half of 2013 and 1st half of 2014 were provided as a benchmark and best indication of the volume
  • All communication was handled via the platform and the Q&A process was structured to ensure that all the suppliers received equal information

Full Supplier Transparency and 20% Price Drop

  • A very structured and organized process secured full supplier transparency and great time savings
  • All communication was captured within the Scanmarket system, resulting in fewer emails and phone calls from suppliers 
  • The eAuction was easily accessible and provided a complete audit trail
  • The system enabled proactive follow up during the process ensuring as many completed responses as possible
  • The comparable evaluation could easily be made based on the total cost of ownership
  • The result amounted to savings of more than 20%