Savings and Simplification at the Same Time at Takeda


  • Takeda needed to rationalize suppliers and generate savings in car leasing and market research across multiple geographies
  • Integrity is at the core of everything we do at Takeda and all internal and external stakeholders are always treated with respect in accordance with the corporate values
  • Focused on creating a transparent and fair process for all participants



  • Conducted Japanese and reverse eAuctions in multiple markets including Russia, Brazil, US, UK and others
  • Comprehensive specifications
  • Generated competitive bidding by using innovative formats
  • Met with 50 suppliers after first round to manage expectations
  • Offered 1-on-1 training to bidding suppliers



  • Reduced suppliers by >90%
  • Significant cost savings (>10%)
  • Effectively managed a complex bidding price that couldn’t have been done in person
  • Positive feedback from suppliers participating
"With Scanmarket, we have a platform that is both effective and efficient"
— Staffan Jakobsson, Global Supplier Performance