Using eRFx to Cope with Rapid Growth at Three


  • The mobile phone retailer Three had experienced substantial growth and geographic expansion across Europe
  • Increasingly difficult to maintain process compliance, visibility and comprehensive repository
  • Needed country managers to be self-sufficient from Day One



  • Deployed eRFx to all geographies through a single instance with shared repository, templates and processes
  • Scanmarket Quick Call used extensively to support users
  • Conducted 80 events during initial roll out
  • Provided audit trails through the platform



  • Advice to companies new to eRFx:
    • Don’t go in with your eyes closed
    • Provide users the time and support to learn as they go
    • Make sure everything goes through the system, including awards and notifications


"You’re in the middle of doing something, you want an answer, and it’s there"
— Sinead McDaid, Procurement Program Manager