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Sam James, Procurement Process Coordinator

“It’s just so easy to use. A first-time user can work it out. We gave it to our Legal Admin and she just ran with it without any training.”

Kieran Dowd, VP of Strategic Sourcing

"Scanmarket was vital in our response because it opened up new geographies and new supply chains in order to allow us to bring new products in to support not only our staff but also our customers"

Scandlines logo Scanmarket customer

Andreas Fries Jørgensen, Category Task Manager

"Scanmarket has provided Scandlines with a platform on which we can build Sourcing 2.0. By increasing transparency, cost efficiency and stakeholder satisfaction, we are digitizing sourcing processes and thereby maximizing output from each sourcing event."

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Josefin Kronstrand, Head of Procurement

"Implementation of Scanmarket was extremely smooth. Training from the Scanmarket-team was good and we could get started very quickly."

Colruyt logo Scanmarket customer

Natacha Leys, eSourcing Manager

"Scanmarket threw me a life jacket when I was in the ocean.”

Merlin Entertainments Group logo Scanmarket customer

John Butcher, Group Procurement Director

”We wanted to ensure that we had the best eSourcing tool for our business. Ease of use, efficiency, speed of implementation, depth of functionality, support – these elements were absolutely crucial; the benefits of having a one-stop solution were a distant second."

Foodbuy logo Scanmarket customer

Ian Murphy, Managing Director

"We think Scanmarket is a real disruptor in the strategic sourcing market and have been impressed with the levels of innovation we can pass on to our clients. We chose Scanmarket because they’re excellent at simplifying complex processes and they have great customer service."

Bright Blue Foods logo Scanmarket customer

Franco Fraone, Head of Procurement

"As a result of the instructor’s deep procurement knowledge, expertise and excellent support, the procurement team quickly adopted the initiative and committed to a very ambitious project plan of events."

Marston's logo Scanmarket customer

Colin McKenzie, Head of Indirect Procurement

"Scanmarket Contract Management has enabled Marston's to focus key resources on what's important to our business rather than waste time on administration"

Bekaert logo Scanmarket customer

Amr Omar, Category Manager

"Scanmarket’s eRFx platform has fundamentally changed Bekaert’s bidding process. For the better."

CEMEX logo Scanmarket customer

A. Graham, Senior National Negotiator

"The event was highly successful with strong bidding, solid savings, and substantial positive feedback from internal and external stakeholders."

Backyard Bounty logo Scanmarket customer

Edamarie Mattei, Owner

"The eAuction was held on a Tuesday afternoon. While the number of bids we received was modest, we were still able to secure savings of nearly $2,000 over the best price previously negotiated with the dealers. This represented a savings of about 5% and was considered a very strong success!"

Birds Eye logo Scanmarket customer

Manuela Greunke, Buyer

"The Scanmarket support team is very knowledgeable and patient and they really provide an excellent service."

Grundfos logo Scanmarket Customer

Jeppe K. Pedersen, Category Manager

"Scanmarket is a great tool to keep track of information because you have everything gathered in one place"

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“Using the Scanmarket Contract Management system led to lots of new conversations about opportunities that we hadn’t had previously.”

Nissan logo Scanmarket customer

Barry Wilmer, Purchase Systems Development Manager

"The tools are proving to be very successful and simple to use. Scanmarket takes a ‘can-do’ approach and provides first class support."

Tim Davis, Head of Procurement Development

"Scanmarket gave us a very intuitive product, not only from the buy-side but also from the supply side"

JB Poindexter logo Scanmarket customer

Matt Marthinson, VP Supply Chain

"I enjoy working with high performing teams that know their business and help to make ours better. The support we received and the results we have experienced are why Scanmarket is our go-to provider."

Charles Coleman, Strategic Sourcing Analyst

"Our prices came down on virtually everything we set out for bid"

Three Mobile logo Scanmarket customer

Sinead McDaid, Procurement Program Manager

"You're in the middle of doing something, you want an answer, and it's there!"

Gerry Tominey, Chief Procurement Officer

"Having access to Scanmarket during a time when people were locked up at home but still needed to work hard to ensure supply continuity, it was invaluable to have a tool that we could use to communicate in mass to suppliers and consolidate all of their responses"