Using eRFx to cope with rapid growth at Three

Three Mobile, an Irish mobile provider based in Ireland, has experienced tremendous growth in sales, customers and geographies since its launch in 2003. Coping with that growth has brought many challenges, also in procurement. In particular it became increasingly difficult to maintain process compliance, visibility and comprehensive repository across procurement teams in different geographies. To make sure the businesses had the right support for operations, the country procurement managers needed to be self-sufficient from Day One. To do this, Three Mobile chose Scanmarket as its eSourcing platform. 

The eRFx module of the Scanmarket platform was deployed to all geographies through a single instance with shared repository, templates and processes. This way, each country’s procurement team could execute projects on its own while still maintaining compliance and visibility, including audit trails at the corporate level.

Over 80 sourcing events were conducted during the initial rollout.  Results were strong both in terms of savings and participation. Of particular note, the Quick Call feature in Scanmarket was used extensively to support users and stakeholders. "You're in the middle of doing something, you want an answer, and it's there" says, Sinead McDaid, Procurement Program Manager.

Keys to success

When asked what advice they would give to new eRFx users, McDaid offered the following:

  1. Don’t go in with your eyes closed
  2. Provide users the time and support to learn as they go
  3. Make sure everything goes through the system, including awards and notifications

As Three Mobile moves forward in its Scanmarket rollout, they are planning for a significant increase in both events and users. 


Make sure everything goes through the system, including awards and notifications

Sinead McDaid, Procurement Program Manager