DFDS was founded in 1866 as a Danish steamship company. Over its 150-year history, its fleet grew to meet the increasing demands of global trade. In the early days of industrialization as global trade expanded, DFDS fleets connected regional farmers and merchants to worldwide markets. During the World Wars, DFDS transported families fleeing conflict to better futures and provided critical supplies of food and coal.

Today, DFDS is one of Northern Europe’s largest forwarding and logistics companies and was awarded “Europe’s leading ferry operator” for the tenth year in a row. It has set itself on a course to manage its growth by developing its digital capabilities. DFDS’s motto is: "We move for all to grow".

The Journey

Breda Čok is part of DFDS’ Group Procurement Team and responsible for managing its eSourcing project. When she came to DFDS, Scanmarket’s eSourcing tool was already in place, but not in use. “It is not enough to sign up and pay the yearly fee, you need to manage the change internally to be able to use this tool.”

Part of the strategy to increase adoption included empowering team members with the knowledge to use the tools. This was accomplished through a mix of outreach to Scanmarket’s Support team as well as surveying users of the tools to better understand reluctance. The feedback from users and stakeholders helped inform the user adoption strategy for 2020.

Flattening the Learning Curve

Breda’s team increased adoption of the RFx tool with the help of Scanmarket’s Customer Success managers to the point of developing Super Users. These Super Users acted as evangelists to influence and train other team members to independently run sourcing events. The team was well on its way to increasing eAuction adoption when COVID hit and suddenly the team was dispersed. The influence of the Super Users became diminished.

“When it comes to eAuctions, we decided to go in the complete opposite direction of RFx and use the Fully Managed Support,” said Breda. “eAuctions have a different learning curve.”

Recognizing the limitations posed by COVID on the team, Breda leaned on Scanmarket’s Fully Managed Event offer to set up and run the eAuctions in order to establish and learn best practices.

“We needed to build a platform to get people feeling a bit more comfortable with eAuctions, so that's why we decided to have our eAuctions fully managed by Scanmarket. We don’t do anything internally, not even setting up the eAuction in Scanmarket.”

The Destination

“I've learned so much from the eAuctions we did this year,” said Breda. “The big change for us would be to use eAuctions earlier in the process because it means that you use less time on the project, so you can allocate the resources to a new project and are able to close the projects much earlier.”

While the team has not yet been able to run all eAuctions independently and not every sourcing event provides savings, there is ROI on the knowledge gained. “It would be easier to just tell people to start using eAuctions, but that doesn’t correlate with our values,” said Breda. Instead, participation in Scanmarket’s roundtable events with other customers across industries and companies helped the team with ideas and problem-solving.

“Looking toward 2021 our focus will be on building more knowledge around eAuctions so people can understand why it’s good for them to use eAuctions and use them right. It may take longer, but I think they will embrace the change and the tool, and that embracement will last longer.”

Basically, the strategy for the team is a push approach camouflaged as a pull approach. With both the RFx and eAuction tools, the focus is on mapping usage, measuring engagement, and meeting with stakeholders. “These meetings are not to investigate why people haven’t used the tool, but to learn why and help each other understand. Then we can tackle user adoption within the project team, which enables us to change and divert our strategy accordingly.”

We made savings on eAuctions, but we got so much more not just related to savings. The learning around it was a true success.

Breda Cok, Senior Category Manager