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Topic: Contract Lifecycle Management

7 Benefits of Leveraging Data Analytics in Strategic Sourcing Decision Making

Nov 29, 2023

The integration of data analytics into strategic sourcing decision empowers organizations to navigate through the many complexities of the current b…

Spend Management Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Contract Lifecycle Management

The Impact of Contract Management on Procurement Cycle Times

Nov 15, 2023

Find out how contract management has a profound impact on how fast and efficient the procurement process runs.

Contract Lifecycle Management Procurement

How Scanmarket Helped Leaders Romans Group Transform Their Operations

Sep 27, 2023

Find out how Leaders Romans Group executed their digitalization plan successfully by partnering with Scanmarket.

Supplier Relationship Management Contract Lifecycle Management Procurement

What Are Legal Operations?

May 3, 2023

Legal Operations provide the structural integrity for the Legal Department of any organization.

Contract Lifecycle Management Compliance

Supporting Your Legal Department With Contract Management Automation

Apr 26, 2023

Find out how automation can greatly improve the efficiency of your Legal Department.

Compliance Contract Lifecycle Management

The Best Ways To Utilize Legal Management

Apr 19, 2023

Setting up effective and efficient legal management can be time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

Compliance Contract Lifecycle Management Legal

Scanmarket Wins Gold Medal in 2023 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Report

Apr 12, 2023

Scanmarket is proud to be recognised for various top features by SoftwareReviews in the 2023 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant report.

Contract Lifecycle Management

What You Need To Know About Contract Risk

Mar 22, 2023

Learn the ins and outs of contract risk management.

Risk Management Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Management Software: The Ultimate Cloud-Based Storage Solution

Mar 8, 2023

Contract management software running on the cloud allows you to centralise all documentation and reduce your carbon footprint.

Contract Lifecycle Management

INFOGRAPHIC: Benefits of Sourcing and Contract Lifecycle Management Tools

Mar 1, 2023

Digitalization is the hallmark of modern business, especially in the world of procurement.  Source-to-Contract (S2C) software  is the answer…

Strategic Sourcing Contract Lifecycle Management

Whitepaper: Boost Third-Party Risk Oversight with Contract Lifecycle Management

Jan 19, 2023

Don’t let your third-party risk management program fail because of a lousy contract management process. Contract lifecycle management and third-party…

Supplier Relationship Management Contract Lifecycle Management

2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contract Lifecycle Management

Oct 19, 2022

Magic Quadrants offer visual snapshots, in-depth analyses, and actionable advice that provide insight into a market's direction, maturity, and partici…

Contract Lifecycle Management
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