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Topic: Supplier Relationship Management

7 Benefits of Leveraging Data Analytics in Strategic Sourcing Decision Making

Nov 29, 2023

The integration of data analytics into strategic sourcing decision empowers organizations to navigate through the many complexities of the current b…

Spend Management Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management Contract Lifecycle Management

How eAuctions Foster a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Oct 25, 2023

eAuctions have evolved from a cost-saving tool to a strategic enabler of diversity and inclusion in the supply chain.

eAuction Supplier Relationship Management

How Scanmarket Helped Leaders Romans Group Transform Their Operations

Sep 27, 2023

Find out how Leaders Romans Group executed their digitalization plan successfully by partnering with Scanmarket.

Supplier Relationship Management Contract Lifecycle Management Procurement

How eAuctions are Boosting Procurement Teams Performance and Productivity

Sep 13, 2023

eAuctions are now key to boost the performance and productivity of procurement teams.

eAuction Procurement Supplier Relationship Management

The Importance of Supplier Diversity in Strategic Sourcing

Aug 9, 2023

Embracing supplier diversity positively impacts your strategic sourcing practices.

Strategic Sourcing Supplier Relationship Management

Legal Management and Its Function

May 10, 2023

The task of Legal Management is made bigger the more expansive and detailed the corporate structure of a business grows to be.

Supplier Relationship Management Compliance

Supply Chain Visibility: The Key To Robust Cyber Security

Mar 15, 2023

Supply chain visibility is essential to mitigate third-party risks and the key to robust cyber security.

Supplier Relationship Management

Whitepaper: Boost Third-Party Risk Oversight with Contract Lifecycle Management

Jan 19, 2023

Don’t let your third-party risk management program fail because of a lousy contract management process. Contract lifecycle management and third-party…

Supplier Relationship Management Contract Lifecycle Management

Supplier Diversity Roundtable

Nov 1, 2022

From this session I have set out some of the key challenges as well as the consensus for action on supplier diversity.

Supplier Relationship Management

Insights On American Legislation Effecting Supply Chain Management

Oct 13, 2022

The ways companies conduct business is changing. Legislation is tightening regulations all over the world, and legislation effecting supply chain mana…

Supplier Relationship Management

The New US Import Legislation and Its Effect on the American Supply Chain

Oct 13, 2022

Tensions between the US and China are coming to a head as the human rights abuses in the Xinjiang region, a strong manufacturing hub, are being brough…

Supplier Relationship Management

Insights on the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

Oct 12, 2022

The diversity, breadth and depth of legislation pertaining to environmental, social and governance (ESG) is growing and placing greater obligations o…

Supplier Relationship Management
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