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Kim Parisi
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Kim Parisi
With more than a decade of experience working with Global 1000 companies in the sourcing and procurement industry , Kim helps Scanmarket customers improve S2C processes with speed and accuracy while driving down costs.

Posts by Kim Parisi:

Driving Value with Third Party Risk Management

Sep 20, 2021

Build a digitalization strategy that maximizes the benefits of outsourcing relationships and minimizes third-party risk. 

Risk Management

How to Use Source-to-Contract Technology in Risk Management

Jul 27, 2021

Optimize the upstream procurement process to bolster business resilience and improve outcomes.

Risk Management

COVID-19: What we Can Learn from Previous Crises

Mar 25, 2020

We remember the financial crisis of 2008 when markets suddenly collapsed and left nations and companies in deep financial trouble. What did we learn f…

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