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Global Trends in eAuctions

Date posted: Oct 29, 2020
Estimated read: 2 min
Author: Henrik Balslev
Topics: eAuction

Services spend is now the leading category for eAuctions globally resulting in an average cost savings of 14.77%. Yet category managers, sourcing executives and suppliers continue to resist adopting this proven methodology.

This recorded presentation from SIG's 2020 Global Executive Summit was the most popular breakout session of the entire conference. The expert panel seeks to understand the reluctance to eAuction adoption as well as provide practical steps for conducting them. In this video presentation, you will learn answers to the following questions:

  • Why aren't more North American companies performing eAuctions as a sourcing strategy for services spend?
  • Is there a cultural resistance?
  • Is there a stigma?
  • How can we overcome knowledge deficiencies with best practices and case studies?
  • How do we "get to WE" and apply Kate Vitasek's Vested Sourcing approach and partner with services suppliers for the most optimal strategy?

You will take away a new approach to services as an overlooked category, and sourcing organizations implementing eAuctions can expect increased visibility and efficiency in addition to cost savings. If you are a CPO championing this proven approach or Category Manager tasked with designing and managing eAuctions, you will learn:

  • How to reduce costs in your Services Spend Category
  • How to set up and run a successful eAuction for Services
  • How to gain visibility into both your team and Supply Chain
  • How to be a hero with a new approach to an old dilemma

In Europe, eAuctions have been adopted by most organizations and are considered an integral part of the strategic sourcing process. But in North America, there remains quite a bit of skepticism about the practice and which categories are the best candidates to benefit from this strategy. John Powell, a Senior eSourcing Executive at Scanmarket, dives deeper into these issues in a Future of Sourcing article Reconsidering the Services Category for eAuctions. John is one of the expert panelists along with John Fafian, Head of Strategy and Sourcing at PwC and Amanda Morrison, Director of Sourcing Services at Scanmarket North America.

Click below to access the full presentation from the 2020 SIG Global Executive Summit: 

eAuction Savings

Henrik Balslev

About the author

Henrik Balslev
Chief Commercial Officer

Henrik Balslev is responsible for the overall delivery of consultancy and customer services in Europe. In addition to managing many of Scanmarket’s largest customer accounts, Henrik has lead responsibility for sales in the Nordic countries.

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