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How Tokmanni Achieved 20% Savings and Streamlined Vendor Evaluation with Scanmarket

Date posted: Nov 22, 2023
Estimated read: 3 min
Author: Henrik Balslev

In the fiercely competitive retail landscape, securing top-quality products at the most competitive prices is key to success.

Tokmanni, the leading retailer in Finland, understands this better than most. With over 350 big-box stores across the country and a recent expansion into the Swedish market, Tokmanni’s procurement team is responsible for sourcing thousands of items, spanning from apparel to groceries to household essentials.


Seven years ago, Tokmanni set out to find a solution that could help them save money and simplify their vendor evaluation processes. They put Scanmarket to the test, comparing it to five other potential vendors.

The decision was clear: Scanmarket was the ideal choice due to its user-friendly interface and significant potential for cost savings.


From the moment the contract was signed, Scanmarket's solution was quickly integrated into Tokmanni's daily processes, taking just six months to become fully operational. The purchasing team developed effective methods for vendor selection and pricing negotiations.

They began by using the eRFx module to distribute questionnaires to an average of five to ten potential vendors. Once the responses were collected, the team could easily perform detailed evaluations, considering aspects like supplier communication, transportation methods, product quality, and, most importantly, pricing. When the responses were similar or no clear winner emerged, Tokmanni's team employed the eAuction feature to further drive down costs.


The results speak for themselves. The return on investment for Scanmarket's solution was quickly realized as Tokmanni's procurement processes became more efficient and cost savings began to accumulate. The eRFx and eAuction method of eSourcing has consistently proven successful, with some events resulting in savings of up to 20 percent.

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with Scanmarket was the level of customer service Tokmanni experienced. The Customer Success Team at Scanmarket has been a valuable asset to the Tokmanni team, providing swift responses for troubleshooting, problem-solving, and expert advice on how to maximize the benefits of the solution.

Henri Himanen, Private Label Manager for Tokmanni, sums it up best: "I would absolutely recommend Scanmarket to others. The solution is effective and easy to use", you can watch his full testimonial right here.

Why Scanmarket?

Scanmarket's success in helping Tokmanni achieve its procurement goals highlights why it's an exceptional choice for businesses seeking cost savings and streamlined vendor evaluation processes. Here are some key reasons why Tokmanni and many others have chosen Scanmarket:

  1. User Friendly Interface – Scanmarket offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the procurement process, ensuring a smooth transition for your team.
  2. Significant Cost Savings – The eRFx and eAuction modules can lead to substantial cost reductions, helping your business increase its profitability.
  3. Customer Service Excellence – The Scanmarket Customer Success Team provides prompt and effective support, ensuring that your team receives assistance when needed.
  4. Quick Implementation – Scanmarket’s solutions are designed for fast integration into your existing processes, allowing you to start reaping the benefits in a matter of months.

In Conclusion

Tokmanni's experience with Scanmarket demonstrates how effective and efficient procurement solutions can make a substantial impact on your bottom line. If you're looking to enhance your procurement processes, streamline vendor evaluations, and reduce costs, Scanmarket is the solution for you.

If this blog post has sparked your curiosity, you can delve into the complete Tokmanni Customer Case by clicking here.

Henrik Balslev

About the author

Henrik Balslev
Chief Commercial Officer

Henrik Balslev is responsible for the overall delivery of consultancy and customer services in Europe. In addition to managing many of Scanmarket’s largest customer accounts, Henrik has lead responsibility for sales in the Nordic countries.

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