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What Is ESG?

Sep 27, 2022

ESG is an acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance as it pertains to how businesses are evaluated based on their impact on society.…


How Third-Party Risk Management is Impacted by Climate Change Legislation

Sep 15, 2022

We must adapt to the risks that climate change poses to us physically as well as economically. For example, the heat waves happening across Europe hav…

Going Green with Contract Management Software

Sep 13, 2022

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues the global economy faces, and its urgency is reflected in international discussion and debate. Envir…

Contract Lifecycle Management

Key Take-Aways from Third-Party Risk Roundtable

Sep 8, 2022

I recently had the pleasure of chairing a third-party risk management (TPRM) roundtable of senior procurement professionals, an event sponsored by Sca…

Risk Management

Have You Exceeded Your Third-Party Risk Threshold

Sep 6, 2022

Third-party risk management (TPRM) focuses on identifying and mitigating risks associated with third-party vendors, suppliers, partners, contractors,…

Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management from a Geo-Economic Perspective

Aug 30, 2022

We are witnessing unprecedented complexities in supply chains influenced by politically motivated policies and legislation, and the impact on organiza…

Scanmarket Ranked #1 in 2022 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Report​

Aug 29, 2022

Software users made their voices heard in the 2022 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Report, where vendors were rated across vendor capabilities, produ…

Strategic Sourcing

Scanmarket Named Top Strategic Sourcing Solution Provider by SoftwareReviews

Aug 18, 2022

The latest SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint results reveal Scanmarket as the 2022 Top Strategic Sourcing Solution Provider. The data in this report…

Strategic Sourcing

Software Reviews 2022 Emotional Footprint Report for Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Aug 17, 2022

SoftwareReviews 2022 Emotional Footprint Report for Strategic Sourcing Solutions outlines the shared sentiments of real end-users regarding their stra…

Strategic Sourcing

How to Use Contract Management to Mitigate Cyber Security Risk

Aug 11, 2022

 Threats to cyber security come from both inside and outside the organization, but cyber security incidents that happen outside of the…

Contract Lifecycle Management

CFO Expectations of Contract Management

Aug 9, 2022

Chief financial officers use contract data to determine company performance, areas of risk, goals for growth, and financial projections. Anyone who ma…

Contract Lifecycle Management

Q2 2022 eAuction Savings Report

Aug 4, 2022

Every quarter, Scanmarket reports on statistics covering insights into the savings performed by e-auctions executed globally. The statistics are provi…

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