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An Overview of Contract Lifecycle Management

Feb 8, 2022

Contract Lifecycle Management, or CLM, is the term used to describe the collection of processes involved in the tracking and monitoring of a contract…

Contract Lifecycle Management

How eAuctions Have Improved Over The Years

Jan 25, 2022

Over the years, e-auctions have developed into a bidding approach with wide applicability and acceptability in the procurement industry. This is borne…


5 Ways Contract Templates Can Improve Your Work

Jan 4, 2022

Many businesses are implementing automated contract templates to streamline the contract creation process and avoid issues associated with the initial…

Contract Lifecycle Management

Everything You Need to Know About Contract Compliance

Dec 21, 2021

With increased market accessibility for businesses comes increased competition, and so compliance in all areas becomes closely associated with quality…

Compliance Contract Lifecycle Management

The Principles of Contract Lifecycle Management

Dec 16, 2021

The concept of Contract Lifecycle Management frequently features in business discussions for the simple reason that legal agreements are cen…

Contract Lifecycle Management

Risks of Poor Contract Management

Dec 14, 2021

  Contract Management in business is not simply an exercise in filing or document storage. Nor is it solely focused on the creation of contract d…

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Management in Procurement

Dec 9, 2021

  The purpose of a contract is the governance of a relationship. Employment contracts govern the relationship between employer and employee; tena…

Contract Lifecycle Management

Creating a Third Party Risk Management Program

Dec 7, 2021

Managing third parties and extended enterprise will never be without risk. Any business proposition or relationship comes with inherent risk and…

Risk Management

Who Uses Contract Lifecycle Management Software and Why

Dec 2, 2021

   Contracts are central to the operation of all business, regardless of size or industry. If you are trading, then you are building a…

Contract Lifecycle Management

Q3 2021 eAuction Savings Report

Nov 10, 2021

Every quarter, Scanmarket reports on statistics covering insights into the savings performed by e-auctions executed globally. Read on and download the…


The Right Supplier is a Value, Not Just a Cost

Oct 29, 2021

Scanmarket's Henrik Balslev and Forrester's Andrew Bartels present the latest trends in supplier selection as an illustration of risk management's vit…

Supplier Relationship Management

Scanmarket Expands Contract and Risk Management Capabilities with New Acquisition

Oct 28, 2021

Scanmarket expands Enterprise Lifecycle and Third-Party Risk Management capabilities with the acquisition of Symfact, a leading Contract Lifecycle Man…

Risk Management Contract Lifecycle Management
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