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Implementation Getting Started

We take implementation very seriously.

Run your first event in hours.

The implementation process can make or break an S2C software purchase. With more than 20 years of experience, we have learned how to implement a source-to-contract platform the right way. We recommend taking a phased approach to implementation, tailored to your biggest challenges to give your organization the best chance of success. 

No single implementation strategy is right for all organizations. But, every implementation should have a phased approach with focus, measurable goals and support. The average implementation time for a standard project is one to two months. However, the timeline is subject to change depending on the final project scope. 


The implementation of the system has been seamless and we’ve received some great bespoke support.

Ian Murphy, Managing Director at Foodbuy

Phased Approach to Implementation

Getting Started

1. Kickoff

Kick off the project with the project team members to define the implementation plan and project deadlines.

2. Information Gathering

Define how the system should be configured in regard to company structure, user roles and initial templates.

3. Internal Support & Awareness

Secure the necessary buy-in from internal and external stakeholders.

  • Define required training initiatives
  • Define super user network
  • Provide information package to stakeholders
  • Create guidelines of Do's and Don'ts


4. System Configuration

Configure the system based on information gathered in phase 2 including company structure, user roles and initial templates. 

5. Training

Scanmarket provides various types of user training from traditional workshops and webinars to project-based training that enable users to learn by doing. 

6. System Launch

Start using the system for live sourcing activities with Scanmarket on stand-by to support you.

Continuous Improvement

Once implementation is complete, Scanmarket will appoint a Customer Success Manager to take full responsibility of future support needs and guide the customer into the driver's seat. They will set up a regular meeting schedule to review reports and KPI measurements and provide additional consulting services based on the individual needs of the customer.

Lean more about consultancy services and trainings below.

Roles & Responsibilities

It Takes a Village

Scanmarket develops a true partnership with each customer to ensure successful project execution and broad user adoption. One person can hold several roles, but all roles are critical.



Team Responsible

Project Manager

Ensures project delivery according to the Statement of Work (SOW).



Provides support during the entire implementation process and produces deliverables according to the Statement of Work (SOW). Advises the customer on best practices and configures the software according to customer requirements.


Customer Success Manager

Responsible for daily communications between the customer and Scanmarket after system launch. Conducts quarterly/monthly status meetings to continuously improve the usage and adoption of the software.



Facilitates training workshops and webinars.


Point of Contact (POC)

The person appointed by the customer responsible for providing Scanmarket with required information throughout the engagement. 


Super Users

Customer employees heading up daily usage of the system and (Phase 7) responsible for resolving issues and fielding questions internally. 


Implementation Strategy

It can be difficult to prioritize which processes to digitalize first. We’ve outlined a sample implementation strategy that makes a good starting point for most organizations.

Implementation Phase 1


You can’t manage what you can’t see.

Spend Analytics can identify savings opportunities and spend anomalies not normally identified manually. This data can be used to generate savings and serve as a catalyst to run more competitive e-sourcing events. Gain clear visibility of more in-depth spend data to manage tail spend, and identify maverick spend to crack down on the purchasing of goods and services out-of-contract or from unapproved suppliers.

Implementation Phase 2

Cost Savings

Discover true market price for products and services, and ensure compliance with streamlined processes..

eRFx and e-auction events increase competition and significantly reduce costs. Scanmarket consultants can identify what types of events should be run to maximize savings based on specific scenarios.

Implementation Phase 3

Compliance & Efficiency 

Ensure compliance on contract data, and reduce the administrative burden on your procurement team.

Scanmarket's Contract Management software ensures all contract data is recorded accurately and visible to all relevant stakeholders through a single repository, mitigating the risk of costly contract over-runs. Scanmarket's Supply Base Management platform provides an overview of supplier documentation, accreditations, sustainability adherence, supplier history and more. 

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