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Your Success Is Our Success

S2C software implementation doesn't guarantee results.  Using it does.

Most organizations focus on finding the best technology but overlook internal needs, project execution and user adoption. According to Gartner, poor governance has been found to reduce technology ROI by 41% on an average.

Scanmarket customers see an average 300% increase in throughput and savings from their source-to-contract programs when switching to Scanmarket. We have decades of experience developing advanced functionalities and take ownership of customer results.

SuccessPlus- Built on Best Practice

SuccessPlus is built on a foundation of best-practices that have been tested and honed for more than 20 years. Our comprehensive partnership approach is structured to guide and drive your organization's digital transformation.

Under the SuccessPlus framework, key stakeholders have defined roles and responsibilities with full support from Scanmarket's SuccessPlus Drive Team to get where they need to go. Management and executive sponsors receive ongoing reports on key metrics and periodic health-checks to monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.

Keys to SuccessPlus

True Partnership

Scanmarket is not just any S2C software provider. We take ownership of customer results and embrace stakeholders to ensure user adoption. With Scanmarket, you have a true partner providing continuous guidance and support throughout your digital transformation.

A Driving Team

Drive digital transformation so it doesn't drive you. Scanmarket puts stakeholders in the driver's seat to drive results with the support of subject matter experts and industry leaders with decades of domain experience.

Business Objectives

Define tier 1 and 2 procurement objectives and challenges.

Source-to-Contract KPIs

Define source-to-contract KPIs feeding into your wider business objectives.

Success Plan

Your SuccessPlus drive team will create a success plan with monthly and quarterly milestones. Service solutions include project-based learning, e-auction strategy classes, popcorn events, myth-busting webinars and more.


Scanmarket's SuccessPlus program communicates a clear top-down directive and rolls out the success plan across the organization.


Status Meetings

Regular status meetings monitor and drive performance, and Scanmarket delivers more training to uncover gaps and make adjustments as needed.

Health Checks

Scanmarket customers can expect bi-annual reports summarizing the previous six months of usage including performance, areas for improvement, and proposed best-practice solutions based on system health checks.

Why Some S2C Projects Fail

The buying organization often spends a lot of time and energy selecting the right software solution without much consideration for implementation, configuration, data migration, training, and roll out of the solution. However, post-implementation is where the real work begins.

Depending on the S2C solution and the maturity of the organization, post-implementation typically requires: 

  • Change management when adapting from manual to digital processes or from legacy to new systems
  • Driving widespread user adoption
  • Breaking down resistance and building buy-in across the organization
  • Monitoring and driving performance
  • Calculating and reporting on benefits and ROI 
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement

Learn how to accelerate your digital transformation the right way with Scanmarket.

Traditional Training Drawbacks

Most software solution providers offer training as part of the implementation process. These trainings usually happen before users begin actively using the solution. For those who are tech savvy or have had experience using similar solutions, this will usually suffice. However, all users will be unable to assimilate and remember everything. 

Some software providers offer user manuals and video recordings, which can help to a degree. However, many users are left feeling unsure and anxious about using new systems. They will often feel they don't have time to learn the new system and continue to do their tasks manually, outside of the system.

Project-Based Learning

Learn by doing. Scanmarket's project-based learning approach enables users to learn at their own pace, with dedicated support. They execute their first projects in the new system with full confidence and save time as this type of training is integrated into their their daily work so they are learning as they carry out their daily tasks. Users learning by doing with expert support which increases assimilation and how much they remember for their next project.

Step by Step

Training is carried out in steps, mirroring how users would normally execute on projects.


Participants learn only what they need for the project they are going to run. Participants immediately use that experience to set up and launch a real-life project, maximizing the assimilation of the training.

Dedicated Support

Participants receive full support from a dedicated Scanmarket expert during the program, ensuring that projects are executed fully according to best-practices.

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