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Supplier Risk & Performance Management Software

Mitigate third-party risk and simplify supplier management with Scanmarket's automated Supplier Risk & Performance Management solution.

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Scanmarket is trusted by businesses across the globe.

An Automated Third-Party Risk Management Solution

Centralize all supplier data and minimize unnecessary manual work with automated category-specific supplier onboarding, and stay in control with an easily accessible record of all relevant supplier information.

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Optimize supplier risk and performance by using these integrated software features:

Automated workflows
Integrated AI capabilities
Integrated corporate risk and information databases
Advanced security profiling & background checking
Automated scoring
Full reporting and data analytics
Automated tracking and identification of any change in risk profiles
Permission-based access control
Identity and incident management

Mitigate risk and improve supplier communications.

Assess and monitor supplier risk by tracking suppliers' financial performance, geopolitical risks, news sentiments, judicial filings, and regulatory compliance.

Use pre-defined due diligence processes and approval workflows to ensure suppliers meet risk criteria pre-and post-award.

Make informed decisions with automated tracking and identification of any change in risk profiles to give you time to evaluate potential impacts on your business and plan how to mitigate the risk.


of large organizations report a high level of value from using third-party risk management solutions

Simplify supplier management.

Streamline your onboarding process and save time by eliminating manual requests for information and documents.

Automate scoring on suppliers' answers and let your suppliers manage their own data, accreditations, and certifications.

Information is only provided once for all RFI/RFPs, and your colleagues will have full access to supplier data.

Suppliers and buyers will receive automated notifications of upcoming expiration dates on key documents.

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Source-to-Contract Software Built to Be Used

Scanmarket is a source-to-contract (S2C) software provider that develops advanced functionalities in an effortless design. Our S2C solution is attuned to meet the needs of procurement, legal and finance professionals with applications for strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and third-party risk management. We take ownership of customer success with experts at your fingertips to drive user adoption. Digitalize your business with technology that is built to be used.