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Contract Management

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Efficient & Compliant Contract Management

Scanmarket’s Contract Management solution provides visibility into key contract information, metadata and contract documents through a shared centralized repository.​

Reduce cycle times, and streamline the digitalization of contract creation, document authoring, red-lining, approval and e-signature workflows. Increase compliance efficiencies through centralized control, configurable reporting, notifications, audit and version control logs.​

Key Features

  • Gain clear contract visibility
  • Truly manage your contracts and execute future contracts properly
  • Reduce contract cycle times
  • Maximize contract compliance
  • Easy collaboration and approval


Contract Visibility

  • Centralized contract repository
  • Complete overview of contracts, documents, clauses and SLAs
  • Search, filters, metadata
  • Reporting & dashboard functionality
  • Full audit tracking
  • Visibility of contractual coverage and exposure

Streamlined Contract Authoring Process

  • Template library with standard documents
  • Flexible clause libraries with pre-approved clauses
  • Standardized contract language
  • Collaborative approval workflows for fast and compliant contract creation
  • Efficient tracking with redlining
  • Authoring for flexible creating of compliant contracts
  • e-Signature and DocuSign integration

Compliance & Control

  • Full version control
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Expiry alerts
  • Manage supplier commitments and agreed penalties
  • Visibility of contractual coverage and exposure
  • Watch contract risk and criticality levels

Evaluation Settings

  • Implement defined workflows
  • Ensure buy-in from all relevant stakeholders

Support & Integration

  • Q24/5 support for internal users and suppliers
  • Support for execution, event design, strategy and volume


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