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Shared Tender Platform

Prequalify suppliers with speed and visibility.

Automate the collection and analysis of RFIs, RFPs and RFQs with a structured approach to collecting supplier information, and save time on data compilation.

Key Features

  • Unbiased bid analysis
  • Process automation
  • Electronic tender portal
  • Increased supplier compliance
  • Visibility to supplier participation & tracking
  • Increased savings
  • Strategic reporting
  • Fast implementation of CSR requirements
  • Unique supplier login

Multiple Formats Supported

  • RFI - Request for information
  • RFQ - Request for quotation
  • RFP - Request for proposal


  • List
  • Cherry Picking
  • Cherry Lot
  • BidMatrix up to 1 million data points

Evaluation Settings

  • Bid parameters
  • Scoring and weights on input such as price, delivery, service level
  • Stakeholder input with comments and grades

Support & Integration

  • Templates
  • Question libraries
  • Excel integration for offline creation and participation
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Support for execution, event design, strategy and volume


Consulting Services

Managed Events

Strategy Consultancy

Training & Workshops

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Some buyers need support throughout the process. Others just want the RFx sanity checked before issuing it. Whatever you need, we are here to help pave the way to successful sourcing.

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