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Project Management

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Project Workflows for Sourcing Projects

Scanmarket’s fully configurable Project Management solution tracks project status and savings while keeping all participants informed. 

Strategic sourcing projects within defined workflows provide an overview of company initiatives across all departments. Store information such as notes, documents, tasks, and communications while streamlining processes to ensure full compliance and traceability.

Key Features

  • Complete overview of all projects
  • Best-practice process deployment
  • Project plan and resource allocation
  • Full integration with all Scanmarket applications
  • Savings tracking of project performance
  • Single repository and reporting
  • Audit and compliance
  • Data-driven benchmarking for continuous improvement


Custom Process Templates

  • Kanban board project tracking
  • Sourcing process templates
  • Custom process templates

Best-Practice Processes & Workflows

  • Customized or standardized process workflows
  • Customize project stages, tasks, guidelines and metadata fields
  • Project and task allocation for users and stakeholders (internal / external)

Project Request Handling

  • Intake forms for new project requests 
  • Ability to approve or reject projects
  • Communicate with project requester
  • Instigate new projects

Integrated Solution Hub

  • Full integration with all Scanmarket applications
  • Sourcing
  • Negotiation
  • Award
  • Contracting
  • Performance management
  • Savings tracking

Support & Integration

  • Templates
  • 24/5 support for internal users and suppliers
  • Support for execution, event design, strategy and volume


Consulting Services

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Strategy Consultancy

Training & Workshops

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