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Supply Base Management

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Supplier Base Visibility

Scanmarket’s Supply Base Management solution provides visibility into customizable supplier information, communications, past activities, sustainability and more.​

Ensure supplier information is current, and save valuable time through a controlled, automated supplier onboarding and approval process. Enable scoring parameters of supplier information, and receive real-time notifications to mitigate against  risk of non-compliance within the supply chain.

Key Features

  • Deep visibility of your supplier base
  • Single supplier repository
  • Automated supplier onboarding
  • Automate and streamline supplier management
  • Safeguard your flow of supply
  • Optimize supplier decision making
  • Protect your reputation and CSR profile


Full Visibility & Configuration

  • Access, interrogate and segment supplier data
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Numerous supplier segmentation options
  • Customized supplier surveys


  • Category-specific supplier onboarding workflows
  • Autoscoring
  • Bulk segmented messaging
  • Reminders
  • Certificate expiry notifications
  • Questionnaire/assessment assignment

Track Compliance & Manage Risk

  • Environmental, social, corporate governance, anti-slavery, child labor and more
  • React to supply chain risks/events by quick issue of custom supplier questionnaires
  • Create comparable views of all supplier information

Supplier-Driven Compliance

  • Supplier self-managed profiles
  • Maintenance of certificates
  • Supplier information verification

Support & Integration

  • Pull existing supplier data from ERP
  • Use our standard APIs and integration point to push and pull data
  • 24/5 support for internal users and suppliers
  • Support for execution, event design, strategy and volume


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