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Community & Events

Exclusive Summits

Once a year, we invite an exclusive group of customers to join us for a day of customer presentations, networking, break-out sessions, entertainment, and great food at a stunning venue.

Procurement Executive Network

Scanmarket’s Procurement Executive Network is a great opportunity for procurement executives to network with like-minded peers in the industry.


Learn how to plan and conduct e-sourcing events free of charge, in both English and Spanish. Each week, we host Webinar Wednesdays for customers to learn how to use the Scanmarket platform more effectively.


We travel the world to meet with existing and potential new customers, analysts and others within the industry. Find out where we are next.


Scanmarket offers different types of workshops periodically throughout the year in Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Roundtable Networking

Join us for a day of networking and knowledge sharing as it relates to working on Scanmarket's source-to-contract software platform. 

What are your digitalization needs - and how do you best prioritize them according to your maturity level and key business needs?