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J. B. Poindexter

A Scanmarket Customer Case

eAuction leads to significant bidding activity.


Morgan Truck Body is a subsidiary of JB Poindexter and the leading global manufacturer of truck bodies. Morgan ensure it was getting the best quality materials at competitive prices.


With the help of its parent company, JB Poindexter, Morgan accessed the Scanmarket eSourcing platform to run an e-auction for core components. Morgan used a Scanmarket eAuction the its first project to source electrical parts and accessories. All parts and accessories were put into a single lot to facilitate bidding and six suppliers were invited. Three made the final cut to participate. 


The auction was originally scheduled to last only 15 minutes, but, given the intense bidding and competition the auction was extended an additional 18 minutes (33 minutes total). Excellent savings were delivered on a volume of more than $800,000.


The support we received and the results we have experienced are why Scanmarket is our go-to provider.

Matt Marthinson, VP Supply Chain at J. B. Poindexter & Co.

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