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A Scanmarket Customer Case

How Medica used Parashift’s IDP platform to improve data processing and save time and money.


Medica receives more than 1,700 forms—handwritten and typed—per month, each with 50 to 1,100 discrete pieces of data. The cost and time required to manually check and enter the data is significant, and the process is prone to errors that can affect claims and online provider search tools. 


Parashift’s partner Symfact (A Scanmarket company) provides Medica’s platform of industry-leading software specializing in contract and compliance management and introduced Parashift to Medica. To make the process as straightforward as possible, Medica, Parashift, and Symfact implemented Parashift. 


Medica was able to automatically capture and extract a variety of provider documents to increase accuracy, reduce processing time, and minimize the cost of submitting changes into their systems. 


Parashift is vital for Medica to efficiently process provider and practitioner demographic information throughout our directory portals and claims systems.

Managing Director, Healthcare Practice

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