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Learning Center

New to sourcing and procurement? 

Learn the basics about e-sourcing, eRFx, e-auctions, procurement and more.


What are e-auctions?

Learn about the evolution of e-auctions including strategies, types and best practices.

What is RFx?

Learn to distinguish between the different formats of RFx including RFI, RFQ and RFP and best practices for e-sourcing.

What is source-to-contract technology?

S2C Technology helps your procurement team be more agile, improves visibility and protects business continuity.

Read up on best practices and tips in the sourcing and procurement industry as seen from Scanmarket's industry leading subject matter experts. 

What is e-sourcing?

Learn about the development of e-sourcing throughout the digital revolution and how new innovative tools and processes have changed the procurement industry. 

What is procurement?

The Role, Process, Technology and People of Procurement

The future of digital transformation requires purpose-built solutions that enable fast user adoption.

Scanmarket's S2C software solutions originate from the needs of the procurement professional.