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Driving Efficiency Through Digitalization

Savings Snapshots

Over $1 Million Savings with Air, Sea & Freight List eAuctions

€4million Saved with CherryLot eAuction on Metal Beer Kegs

Japanese eAuction on Car Leasing Saves Buyer Over $600,000

Japanese eAuction Results in 22% Savings

Client Saves $4 Million on Coffee Machines with Cherry Picking eAuction

Cherry Lot eAuction Saves Scanmarket Client More Than $1 million on Cheese

Scanmarket Consulting Services Drive Data Migration and User Adoption

Traditional Methods of Managing Contracts Streamlined with Digitalization

Scanmarket Client Uses RFI to Secure 5,000 Employee Christmas Gifts

Reverse eAuction Generates $300,000 Savings on Cocoa Powder

Cherry Picking eAuction Results in Savings of 417.000 EURO on Pesto.

eAuction on Pâté Generated Savings of 33%

List Auction generated savings of more than 24% on garden accessories

Taking advantage of the competitive landscape by combining two eAuction types

Global shipping company saved 11% on paint for their fleet ships with eSourcing

Retailer saves almost 9% relative to target price on juice with Cherry Picking

Japanese eAuction Results in Over $2 Million Savings for Grocery Retailer

eAuction on Recruitment generated savings of 62%

Using eAuctions to Save Taxpayers’ Money

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Originating from the needs of the procurement professional, Scanmarket's S2C software is built to be used. See for yourself how advanced technology can be as simple as it should be.