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Central Repository
A Scanmarket Use Case on Legal Entity Management

A central repository for all corporate data and documentation.  


Create a central repository for all corporate data and documentation, including a historical record of key corporate members.


  • A single online shared repository, from which employees can manage their organization’s regulatory and statutory responsibilities.
  • Granular access control interface to give specific individuals the security clearance to view and/or edit sensitive information.
  • Management of relevant corporate documentation in a structured system and segregated by generally accessible files and confidential files.
  • Multi-dimensional graphical views of the corporate structure to present economic and legal values.
  • Enable users to have a clear oversight of all subsidiaries, directors, leadership teams, signing authorities, and tax accounts.
  • Allow users to have clear visibility into share volumes, their value, any transfers, and those with voting rights.
  • Litigation Register to track potential risk exposure for the entity.
  • Configurability of data fields and screens to suit specific business rules, conditions, or presentation needs.
  • Notifications can be set to track milestone events, such as tax submissions, regulatory submissions, corporate filings, and registrations.
  • Instant access to all contracts created by the entity.


  • Simple oversight and governance of complex organizations.
  • Visibility into litigation and contract activities.
  • Easy management of all stakeholders and their supporting documents.
  • Control over signatory authority data.
  • Classification of the capital ownership and voting rights.

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