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Our Source-to-Contract Longform Content

Dive into content on best practices in strategic sourcing and learn about the digitalization of procurement functions and best-of-breed procurement technology.


Procurement's New Imperative: Driving Value with Strategic Third-Party Risk Management

Traditional approaches to third-party risk management must evolve, and digitalization plays a critical role. Download this whitepaper to build a digitalization strategy that maximizes the benefits of outsourcing supplier relationships and minimizes third-party risk.

The Hackett Group: Sizing up Procurement Digital World Class Advantage

A new set of disruptors – geopolitical risks, talent challenges and the inflationary environment – threatens business stability and performance. These developments require a robust enterprise-level response, with procurement function playing an important role role.

Do’s and Don’ts of Digitalization

The procurement industry is all about big data. Download this whitepaper to understand the complexities and potential of digitalization with some advice from our experts with decades of domain experience.

Advanced Spend Analytics Playbook

One out of two procurement organizations still use Excel spreadsheets to track budgets. As technology advances, procurement professionals are turning to spend analytics to gain visibility into company-wide spending patterns. Discover how leaders in procurement are improving labor efficiency and minimizing spend.

Best-of-Breed vs. End-to-End Solution

AT Kearney: The Future of Procurement: Say No to Mediocre Technology

A report from AT Kearney on the future of procurement technology and the challenges with suites vs. best of breed.

Procurement Leaders: Digital Procurement Landscape: Procurement’s future looks increasingly best-of-breed

Procurement Leaders article on organizations looking increasingly for best-of-breed solutions.

Spend Matters: Best-of-Breed Solutions with Simple Integration Give Businesses More Choice

An article from Spend Matters on integrations for best-of-breed technologies to solve specific problems.

Best-of-Breed Procurement Technology from the CPO's Perspective

Frank Mckay of Jabil, and Clément Duquerroy of Accor share insights on how they drive user adoption, manage multiple suppliers and ensure their software meets requirements.

Webinar: The Case for
Best-of-Breed Procurement

Best Practice Guidance

2022 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Report

Download the 2022 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant Report to find the most authentic insights for evaluating and purchasing enterprise strategic sourcing software.

Moving to Scanmarket - Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

If you’re considering a change, consider moving to Scanmarket. Download this whitepaper to make sure your organization is well positioned to make a switch. 

10 Steps to Getting the Most Value with eSourcing

As with any technology, how you use it matters. Download this tactical guide featuring ten steps to ensure you get most value from your e-sourcing efforts.

Reverse vs. Dutch vs. Japanese

Being able to choose the right e-auction format based on market conditions in a specific category can be challenging. This whitepaper will help you choose the right eAuction format for your project - every time.

Complimentary Gartner® Report:

Quick Answer: How do I Embed ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) in Vendor Contracts?