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All Your Contracts Connected and Compliant

Contract Management

Reduce exposure to risk with intelligent contract management.

Control authors, versions and approvals with collaborative workflows to improve contractual compliance. 

Simplify Contracts

Consolidate all your contracts into one system. Reduce cycle times, minimize risk and improve compliance in one central secure repository.

Key Features

  • Gain clear contract visibility
  • Truly manage your contracts and execute future contracts properly
  • Reduce contract cycle times
  • Maximize contract compliance
  • Easy collaboration and approval


Contract Visibility

  • Centralized contract repository
  • Complete overview of contracts, documents, clauses and SLAs
  • Search, filters, metadata
  • Reporting & dashboard functionality
  • Full audit tracking
  • Visibility of contractual coverage and exposure

Streamlined Contract Authoring Process

  • Template library with standard documents
  • Flexible clause libraries with pre-approved clauses
  • Standardized contract language
  • Collaborative approval workflows for fast and compliant contract creation
  • Efficient tracking with redlining
  • Authoring for flexible creating of compliant contracts
  • e-Signature and DocuSign integration

Compliance & Control

  • Full version control
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Expiry alerts
  • Manage supplier commitments and agreed penalties
  • Visibility of contractual coverage and exposure
  • Watch contract risk and criticality levels

Evaluation Settings

  • Implement defined workflows
  • Ensure buy-in from all relevant stakeholders

Support & Integration

  • Q24/5 support for internal users and suppliers
  • Support for execution, event design, strategy and volume

Collect and connect all your contracts in one easily accessible repository.

Maintain control in a collaborative environment, and empower your procurement team to take action. 

Reduce Contract Cycle Time

Streamline all elements of the contract management process. From initiation to renewal, automation secures contractual compliance faster and easier. Improve contract cycles with collaborative workflows that include authoring, redlining, approvals, e-signatures and more.

Active Contract Management

Plan, manage and execute contracts with visibility of coverage, supplier commitments, penalties and risk. Automate workflows, track changes, expedite signatures, and keep all stakeholders informed in one shared contract repository.

Improve Contract Compliance

Control data and documentation to ensure all departments are using the most up to date, legally approved contract clauses and templates. Execute streamlined processes for every scenario including category and geography.

Scanmarket Customers

Improve Visibility

Access a complete overview of contracts, documents, metadata, clauses and SLAs in a single shared repository with extensive functionalities including search, filter and segmentation capabilities. 

Control Your Contracts

Control contract planning and execution with visibility of:

  • Coverage
  • Exposure
  • Supplier commitments
  • Contract risk
  • Criticality levels
  • And more

Improve Contract Compliance

Control data and documentation to ensure all departments are using the most up to date, legally approved contract clauses and templates. Execute streamlined processes for every scenario including categories and geography.

Reduce Contract Cycle Time

Streamline all elements of the contract management process while reducing risk. From initiation to renewal, automation protects against human error and is faster and easier. Improve contract cycles with collaborative workflows that include authoring, redlining, approvals, e-signatures and more.

Collaborate & Approve Seamlessly

Collaborate with suppliers, legal counsel and other relevant parties through online workgroups, messaging, internal notes, and automated approval workflows throughout all stages of the contract management process. 

Find it. Save it.

Consolidate your contracts. Author contract documents. Collaborate with stakeholders. Monitor, approve and follow up on commitments all in one central repository. Easily find and save all your progress while making it easier for the next person on your team. 

Contract Management Starts with Visibility and Ends with Control.

Learn more about Scanmarket's Contract Management software.

Contract Management

Lifecycle Management

Less Work. More Efficiency.

Reduce manual administrative tasks by automating contract authoring, version control and redlining. Every step in the redlining process is saved and integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Office, providing full visibility and traceability.  Create, edit and track contracts. Maintain full audit tracking of version updates​. Use pre-approved clauses, templates and approval workflows, and invite only relevant people to review and/or approve contracts.

Shared Repository

Create one company-wide repository to serve as a hub for all contract management activities. Scanmarket's Contract Management software supports all contract types providing secure access to all relevant data. Proactively manage contract renewals with automated notifications to ensure no contracts expire without your knowledge. Configure search and filter settings to create customized views personalized for you.

Stakeholder Management

Define workflows dependent upon contract type and delegate who is involved at which stage of the process to secure buy-in from all relevant stakeholders.

Events to Contracts

Convert e-sourcing events (e.g. RFx or e-auctions) directly into new contract records, transferring accurate data and reducing human error.

Search Documents

Scanmarket's Contract Management software provides quick and easy access to contract data. Search across multiple criteria using optical character recognition (OCR) technology based on contract status, managers, start or expiry dates, keywords and more. The platform even enables full-text search of computer generated documents such as PDF's or Microsoft Word documents. Export reports directly to Excel in seconds to take all contract data offline as needed.

Simple Configuration

Create and adapt views to fit your specific needs with no help from IT. 

Contract Ownership

Contracts are easily assigned to relevant contract managers, and existing contracts can be mass-updated to reflect a change in ownership. This is critical when you hire new contract managers or reorganize the organization. Scanmarket's Contract Management software provides an easy overview of contract ownership. 

Contract Management

Risk Management

Automated Notifications

Never forget about a contract that needs your attention. Reduce risk and avoid expensive renewal costs with automated alerts about contracts pending approval or approaching expiration. Scanmarket's Contract Management software sends automatic notifications about expiration, termination or other milestone events, fully customizable to your specific needs. 

Clause Management

Reduce risk by standardizing workflows across the organization with contract templates that have the flexibility to add additional pre-approved clauses from the clause library.​ New or updated clauses must go through a mandatory approval process before becoming available for contract creation. Scanmarket's Contract Management software tracks all clause usage in templates and agreements to ensure compliance and process standardization. 

Maintain Control

Control contract planning, management and execution with visibility of coverage, supplier commitments, contract risk and more. Maintain control of the signature process with user-defined workflows that integrate seamlessly with DocuSign for electronic signatures to execute contracts quickly while allowing you to track in real-time where a document is in the signature process.

Contract Metadata

Define your own contract metadata templates to capture relevant data for each specific contract. Scanmarket's Contract Management software automatically tracks updates to data fields, providing full version control with side-by-side visual comparison of versions.

Audit Log Tracking

Search detailed audit logs to get an overview of all contracts with a full history of updates, signatures, approvals, etc. Scanmarket's Contract Management software provides detailed audit log tracking ready for filtering and reporting.


Scanmarket's Contract Management has enabled Marston's to focus key resources on what's important to our business rather than waste time on administration

Colin McKenzie, Head of Indrect Procurement at Marston’s

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