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Increase Supplier Competition & Savings


Deploy different negotiation strategies to increase supplier competition, and remove time-consuming, error-prone individual negotiations.

Expert Support

Create Conditions for Better Deals

Provide process transparency in a seamless experience for both buyers and suppliers interacting with e-auctions.

A Competitive Edge Makes
All the Difference

Negotiate with more suppliers in a structured process that removes the need for time consuming discussions. Scanmarket delivers negotiation and process transparency, ultimately reducing the final price.

Increase Negotiation Efficiency

The majority of e-auctions run for less than one hour, cutting out days or weeks from the traditional one-on-one negotiation cycle time. Copy and re-run e-auctions with prebuilt templates, and automate bid analysis and reporting.


Gain Market Transparency

In addition to driving down costs, e-auctions provide transparency into the true market value of the products and services.


Quarterly eAuction Savings Reports

Stay up to date on the latest e-auction trends and savings statistics:  

  • Efficiency gains of up to 60%
  • Cost savings averaging 12% across categories
  • Current market price for the commodities you need

Key Features

  • Increase cost savings
  • Increase negotiation efficiency
  • Save time
  • Enhance process transparency
  • Optimize supplier decision making
  • Unique supplier login
  • Standardize negotiation process
  • Optimize TCO

Full Visibility & Transparency

  • Process and selection transparency for suppliers
  • Automated process and activity history log
  • Full communication visibility for internal stakeholders

eAuction Formats

  • Reverse Auctions
  • Step/Factored Auctions
  • Forward Auctions


eAuction Types & Templates

  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • List
  • Cherry Picking
  • CherryLotTM 


Additional Cost Parameters for Auction Calculations

Delivery, lead times, payment terms, service Level, design features and more

Configurable Bidding Rules

  • Individual start prices
  • Proxy bidding
  • Bid ranking
  • Reserve price indicator
  • Partial quantity bidding

Support & Integration

  • Templates
  • 24/5 support for internal users and suppliers
  • Support for execution, event design, strategy and volume


There is no doubt that, not only has eSourcing helped us to select the best suppliers, it has also resulted in significant savings and better market transparency. When you take a look at the overall result, I can say for sure that I would never have obtained savings as large as these in a traditional face-to-face negotiation.

Jeppe K. Pedersen, Category Manager at Grundfos A/S Strategic Purchase

Our Customers

Negotiate the Best Deals with Scanmarket

Maximize Supplier Savings

Drive supplier bids down by placing them in the highly competitive environment of an e-auction. eAuctions are a proven method of driving bids down by compressing the prices of the other participating suppliers.

Increase Negotiation Efficiency

The majority of e-auctions run for less than one hour, cutting out days or weeks from traditional one-on-one negotiations. Prebuilt templates and automated bid analyses drive even more efficiencies with the ability to copy and paste and re-run.

Best Overall Value

Evaluate suppliers on best overall value and total cost of ownership by including factors such as cost switching, delivery and payment terms. Sometimes the best price doesn't deliver the best value, so quality differentials can be part of the real-time bid calculation.

Market Transparency

In addition to driving down costs, e-auctions provide transparency into the true market value of products and services.

Replicate Negotiation Scenarios

Deploy multiple e-auction types  to match the real-life scenarios and objectives.

  • Several suppliers or a single supplier
  • Compress pricing to drive savings
  • Find a new supplier
  • Negotiate with an incumbent or preferred supplier

Scanmarket Recognized as a Leader in eAuctions

Scanmarket was recognized as a leading source-to-contract software provider in the 2021 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant report by SoftwareReviews.

Find the True Market Price 

Explore all the intricate details about Scanmarket's e-auction software.

Reduce Prices with Increased Competition

Learn how Scanmarket's e-auction software can facilitate your negotiation process. 

Improve Negotiations

Enhance Process Transparency

Gain complete visibility into all steps of the S2C process by focusing on data, not relationships. Remove all conflicts of interest, and eliminate risk of fraud or bribery.​

Increase Credibility

Build sustainable supplier relationships with transparency into the full process and selection criteria. Remove hidden agendas, and treat all suppliers equally.  

Automate Processes

Gain full access to historic strategies, decisions and results with automated processes to ensure transparency.

Use Templates

Reuse processes and templates to save time, and standardize negotiations across the organization.

Engage Stakeholders

Increase stakeholder engagement in the procurement process by providing visibility into documents and communications via a shared repository.

Increase Competition

Use Multiple Auction Types

eAuction types such as Japanese, Dutch and Reverse have different objectives. Scanmarket's e-auction software can facilitate any type of e-auction, and our capable Customer Success team can help you choose the right e-auction for your objective.

Match Bidding Rules to the Situation

Bidding rules could include:

  • Individual starting prices
  • Feedback options
  • Proxy bidding
  • Rank
  • Staggering
  • Reserve price indicator
  • Partial quantity bidding

No Formal Training Required

Scanmarket's user interface is designed to be so intuitive that most users don't even need formal training until they get to the most advanced functionalities. Users can configure their own interface that best suits how they work. No matter how much functionality a system has, it doesn't generate value unless it is used. 

Quick Call Support

Quick Call is a unique Scanmarket service that allows all stakeholders access to trained e-sourcing consultants with the click of a button. When you are running a project, it's imperative that you get the answers you need, when you need them. Users simply enter their phone number on the Scanmarket website, and consultants around the world are on stand-by to return calls immediately. 95% of all calls are returned within five minutes.


2020 Global eAuction Index

2020 was a year of record breaking quarters with a significant variance in savings. Download the Global eAuction Index to uncover insights into global e-auction savings, volume, geographic distribution, category performance and more.

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Originating from the needs of the procurement professional, Scanmarket's S2C software is built to be used. See for yourself how advanced technology can be as simple as it should be.


Managed Events

Enjoy the Benefits of Well-Run Events

Scanmarket’s consultants have conducted thousands of e-sourcing events. Let them help you get the best results based on your strategic objectives.

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Collect and connect complex contract negotiations.

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