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Industry Recognition

How Do We Measure Up?

The latest Info-Tech SoftwareReviews 2022

Top Champion in Strategic Sourcing

SoftwareReviews has published its 2022 Strategic Sourcing Emotional Footprint report and ranked Scanmarket highest.

August 2022 - Scanmarket achieved a 93 Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) score, 8 percentage points ahead of the nearest competitor.  This score has cemented our position as the leader among strategic sourcing solutions worldwide for the 2nd year running.   

The NEF score is comprised of aggregated emotional response ratings across the areas of service, negotiation, product impact, conflict resolution, strategy, and innovation. This provides a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment toward the provider and its product from the software user’s point of view. 

Check out the entire 2022 Strategic Sourcing Emotional Footprint report below. 

Best-of-breed Software

#1 Strategic Sourcing Vendor 2 Years in a Row

Based on reviews from actual customers

February 2022 - In its 2022 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant, SoftwareReviews named Scanmarket a gold medalist ahead of all other included vendors.

SoftwareReview's Data Quadrant Report provides a comprehensive evaluation of popular products in the strategic sourcing software market. This buyer's guide is designed to help prospective purchasers make informed decisions by leveraging the experiences of real users.

The report found that eRFx, spend analysis, auction management and contract management were some of Scanmarket's strongest capabilities resulting in a 100% Plan to Renew reported by users.

Best of all, this review is based on how actual customers rate their strategic sourcing experience - providing real insights into the true customer experience.

Info-Tech Research Knows that Choosing Business Software Isn’t Easy

Every year, Info-Tech reviews the leading solutions in the strategic sourcing market and compiles rankings for all of them based on real user testimony and reviews.

This year, we’re very pleased to report that we’ve received a combined score of 8.5/10. This score places us as the leader among strategic sourcing solutions worldwide.

The combined score is an average of four different evaluation areas: Net Emotional Footprint, Vendor Capabilities, Product Features, and Likeliness to Recommend. 

We’ve compiled this summary of the report’s findings to help you learn why Scanmarket is considered the best solution of its kind in the world. And why our customers are among the most satisfied groups of strategic sourcing users out there.

Here’s What Our Customers Think of Us

Source: Info-Tech Product Scorecard Scanmarket Strategic Sourcing, Feb 2022

The Feeling Is Mutual - Thank You.

100% of our customers plan to renew!

Our success is your success. We believe that even though strategic sourcing is enterprise software, it’s our ability to help satisfy the needs and objectives of every individual that uses our platform that determines whether or not it’s a success. By the looks of this word cloud, our philosophy is paying off.

These positive words are also reflected in our “Net Emotional Footprint” score. This is a measure of how our customers feel about us, and how important they consider us to be in their success.


92% of our users said they “love” Scanmarket and what it does for them, with 92% describing our platform as “critical” to ​​​​​their professional success.

And they don’t just like us because we’re nice to work with. Being in business for people means constantly thinking about how our users work, and how our platform can help them simplify their daily tasks and become more effective.

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Vendor Support - We’re Ranked First

We’ve worked hard to make Scanmarket’s products as simple to use and customize as we can. And to make sure that strategic sourcing consultants are on standby to help whenever there’s a problem that only we can solve.
That’s probably the reason our customers rank us higher than any other strategic sourcing solution on the market for our vendor support.



Easy to use and configurable software coupled with an excellent support team.

Vendor Management, Retail Industry

Our satisfaction score of 84% puts us 8 points ahead of the average for the category. This means that our customers trust us to help them use the platform to its fullest potential in their businesses. And they do so more than the customers of any other vendor.

We were also ranked higher than any other supplier for Ease of Administration, and Availability & Quality of Training. This reflects our commitment to help our customers adopt our strategic sourcing platform according to their specific business needs.

100% Ratings for Technical and Client Teams

A software partner needs to be great at two things to succeed:

  • It must work well with its customers: understand their needs and wants, quickly handle requests and questions, and build a relationship that allows for long-term collaboration.
  • And it must ensure that a customer’s needs are fully reflected in the product itself, in terms of features that help them get the job done, accessibility and compatibility, and in user experience.

After all, the best product in the world is no good if you can’t use it. And the most capable support staff won’t make up for a lackluster product.

We’re thrilled to say that every single one of our clients thinks that both our client services teams and our technical and support teams are doing an excellent job. Both in terms of their professional effectiveness and their empathy for customer needs.

We believe this is a further reflection of our underlying approach. We’re “in business for people.” And that means that our people are always available to listen to and support our customers.

Technical and Product Specialists

Source: Info-Tech Product Scorecard Scanmarket Strategic Sourcing, Feb 2022

Client Service Team

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