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Prepare for the future of open procurement ecosystems.

Integrate with everything.

Scanmarket integrates with leading technology solutions to give the user a seamless experience.

Best-of-breed solutions connect to larger ecosystems where the source-to-contract components work with other systems within the larger procurement process. The future of procurement will require various systems to co-exist so users can tailor solutions to their specific needs. Systems must be able to integrate with other solutions to provide real value.

Users will continue to make data-driven decisions based on real-time data within the right context. They will choose areas of higher and lower service levels reflecting the right mix of systems for their specific business models.

Are you ready for the future? 

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Scanmarket’s ability to integrate with our own in-house e-procurement platform means we have a more transparent, streamlined system which will benefit both our clients and our suppliers, through increased clarity on decision making and the timelines behind our sourcing programmes. The implementation of the system has been seamless and we’ve received some great bespoke support.

Ian Murphy, Managing Director at Foodbuy

Stress-Free Integration

The savings you generate need to manifest themselves in actual purchasing for your e-sourcing efforts to create real value. The best way to do that is through integration between systems. You need your negotiated agreements to make it into your P2P system. Scanmarket supports the most common integration protocols using open APIs and has integration capabilities for all major ERP and procure-to-pay platforms.

Driving Business  Value

Scanmarket’s source-to-contract platform comes with built-in integrations between Spend Analytics, Supply Base Management, eAuctions, eRFx, Contract Management and Project Management. It is fast and easy to apply changes across the platform. The objective for any integration is to make things more efficient and save you some time. Make sure your efforts are supporting your team’s end goal by driving value for the business.

Advice on Integrations

  • Take advantage of pre-built integration interfaces and tools.
  • Focus first on adoption, then integration.
  • Understand your options, constraints and costs for integration prior to making a selection.
  • Keep the integration efforts targeted to those areas that are “need-to-have” rather than “nice-to-have."

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