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Enable Simple Oversight and Governance of Complex Organizations

Legal Entity Management Software

Streamline Your Corporate Governance and Reduce the Complexity of Maintaining, Managing, and Visualizing Your Legal Information.

The legalities behind dealing with corporate management, shares, voting rights and stakeholder information mean companies are forced to spend a lot of time and resources on complicated, inefficient, and inaccurate manual processes.

Corporate management teams in large enterprises are under increasing pressure to keep up with regulatory compliance, administrative maintenance, and transmission of digital corporate data. Our legal entity management software removes the burden through an easy-to-use online software application.

Simple Corporate Housekeeping

Manage your regulatory and statutory responsibilities as an organization and maintain control via your central repository for corporate secretary records.

Having a shared repository enables you to keep track of all details relating to your corporate ownership, directors, and key management teams within the various entities that make up your corporation.

Corporate Management

Keep all the information about your organization in one easy-to-use system. Control organizational structures, signature rights, operating accounts, and more…


Have clear oversight of all subsidiaries, directors, leadership teams, tax returns, accounts and more.


Shares & Voting

Clearly see all share volumes, their value, any transfers and those with voting rights.


Manage all stakeholders and their supporting documents with our easy-to-use corporate entity management software.

Visualize Your Organization

Quickly see and visualize your company’s structure through our interactive dashboards.

Roles & Permissions

Restrict access or views to sensitive information through our configurable access control interface.

Tracking & Notifications

Set and track milestone events and receive notifications from event triggers such as obligatory tax returns.

Legal Entity Management Across the Organization

Holcim Solution Highlights

  • Transparent overview of Holcim legal structures and ownership.

  • Best-in-class support from Scanmarket (previously Symfact) during implementation and post-implementation.

  • Very user-friendly tool & powerful access controls.

Secure Legal Entity Management

We use the latest encryption technologies to secure your data. For hosted solutions, you are able to select the exact location of the server meeting your legislative and jurisdictional data requirements.

Take advantage of our significant domain experience to ensure all your requirements are addressed for optimal business results through the use of our entity management software.

Easy Setup

Scanmarket will handhold you through the simple set-up of the legal entity management software ensuring you get the maximum potential from our tool.

Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves on our after-sales support where you will have access to our Quick Call support 24/5 and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you increase adoption and usage of the software.


Customizable Software

Need something that’s not quite out of the box? Then our unique legal entity management software can be configured to match your exact requirements.

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