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Store and manage all your policies and procedures using one centralized software solution

Policy Management Software

Streamline Your Policy-making Process and Gain a Robust Practice for Managing Corporate Policies, Exceptions, and Regulations.

Whether installed onsite or purely cloud-based the policy management software solution offers a centralized platform for creating policies and standards, and control procedures. It allows you to communicate policies across your enterprise, track acceptance, assess comprehension and manage exceptions.

Effective Policy Creation & Management

Policy procedures have grown exponentially with the recent proliferation of documents, collaboration software, file shares, and websites.

Organizations may have them scattered across dozens of disparate sites and departments with no definitive understanding of what policies exist and how they are enforced.

Policy management software enables an organization to author and maintain a library of corporate policies in a consistent and formal manner.

Approved policies can be distributed to employees and external parties as appropriate. Effective monitoring of the receipt and acknowledgment of compliance is an inherent function of the tool.

Policy Creation

Create all your policies, procedures, and regulations within our easy-to-use software, and ensure version control with all published documents.

Standard templates allow for quick generation of new policies in a consistent format and reduction in the request-to-approve cycle time. Flexibility allows you to define policy relevance to specific workgroups, departments, or events.

Distribution & Visibility

Centralize and make your documents available online. Ensure consistent presentation of the right policies to the right people across the organization through easy assignment and distribution of each policy, enabling quick uptake and compliance.

Proactive attestation reporting provides audit trails of who received/agreed to which version of which policy on what date - configured by groups, individuals, and timescales.


Automate and enforce policy, procedure, and regulation acceptance through our control interface, recording policy acceptance by individuals with instant visibility into who has acknowledged each policy.

Make it easy for your users via the single click policy acknowledgment, and utilize the automatic reaffirmation to periodically re-present policies to refresh and reinforce acceptance and understanding across the organization.


Manage user and policy exceptions with complete company-wide oversight, ensuring your policies reach the right people.

Central Repository

Streamline your policy-making process by storing all policies and associated documents in one easily accessible repository.

Enable strict access control over data and documents, verifiable version control of the policy library, and utilize a formal request form for new policies.

Access Anywhere

Our web-based policy management software is accessible 24 hours/day worldwide.

Reporting & Analysis

Receive great insights into your policy management with our comprehensive reporting tools and dashboards.

Capture and display detailed data on the effectiveness of policy deployment, using your audit log of policy delivery & employee acknowledgment and confirmations.

Simply Effective Management of Sport & Event Agreements

FIFA Solution Highlights

  • Globally standardized review processes for all relevant obligations.

  • Post-execution review process for terms and conditions.

  • Automated tracking of non-compliant or overdue obligations.

Notifications & Event Triggers

Never miss the end of a policy or a renewal date with our configurable event triggers and notifications, enabling advanced system notifications for policy review, acceptance, and policy expiry dates.


We can integrate seamlessly into all major ERP and CRM systems linking policies to customers and suppliers.

Customizable Software

Need something that’s not quite out of the box? Our unique software means we can configure the system to match your exact requirements.

Easy Setup

Scanmarket will ensure a smooth rollout of the policy management software across your organization, enabling you to get the most out of our software and get maximum return on your investment.

Ongoing Support

We pride ourselves on our after-sales support where you will have access to our Quick Call support 24/5 and a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you increase adoption and usage of the software.

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