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Make Your Spend Analysis Smarter

Spend Analytics

Improve visibility into complex procurement challenges that impact business planning and execution.

Spend Analytics as Simple as it Should Be

At Scanmarket, we work tirelessly to make the digitalization of your procurement software as simple as it should be.

AI-Driven Categorization

Simplicity Starts with Visibility

Scanmarket's Spend Analytics software identifies
supplier dependencies and opportunities for savings, while
mitigating risks through instant visibility into company-wide spend.

Make Sense of Your Spend

Find and share meaningful insights through data visualizations, AI-driven categorization and prebuilt custom data connectors - all integrated with Excel.

Every Data Point is an Opportunity to Learn


Data Integration

Explore any data, from spreadsheets to databases and ERP to cloud services.


Quick Analysis

Connect and visualize your data in minutes.


Automatic Updates

Get the latest data with automatic updates on your schedule.

Spend Analytics

No Programming, Just Insights.

Everything we do, we do to enable ease of use and broad adoption. With Scanmarket's Spend Analytics software, anyone can analyze spend data with no programming required.

Keep Your Spend in Check

Discover how procurement leaders improve their use of resources and minimize spend. Cross-function visibility allows you to stay in control of non-budgeted spend. Foster a healthy balance of suppliers, contracts, and purchase orders to reduce tail spend.

Spend Analytics Features

Real Time Reporting at Your Fingertips

Explore all the intricate details about Scanmarket's Spend Analytics solution.

AI-Driven Data Cleansing 

Increase data accuracy and eradicate manual data preparation with artificial intelligence (AI) and automated rule-based machine learning technology.

Single Source of All Spend Data

Gain an accurate, amalgamated and homogenized overview of spend across all data sources, business units, geographies, languages and currencies.

Efficiency & Savings Opportunities

Analyze and interrogate your data across multiple standard and custom dashboards. Easily identify savings and efficiencies whilst being alerted to supply risks and compliance issues.

Data-Driven Business Decisions

Execute data-driven decisions to solve complex procurement issues that impact business strategy.

Benchmarks for the Future

Determine strategies for short and long term savings and operational enhancements based on current data, and deploy as a baseline for measuring improvement initiatives.

Leader in Spend Analytics

Scanmarket was recognized by SoftwareReviews as a leader in spend analytics in the 2021 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant report.

Visibility Into Business Spend

Explore all the intricate details about Scanmarket's Spend Analytics solution.

Spend Analytics Plays an Integral Part in Daily Operations

Learn about the benefits of using spend analytics to fully
understand your spend and identify potential savings.

Spend Analytics

Visibility Into Spend

Instant Visibility

Explore readily available reports from a 50,000 foot view or dig deep into the weeds from a 360° angle, and update your spend when you need it.

Keep Maverick Spend in Check

Cross-function visibility enables you to stay in control of non-budgeted spend. Foster a healthy balance of suppliers, contracts and purchase orders to reduce the ever-growing tail spend.​

Compare Payment Terms​

Identify inconsistencies by comparing types and terms of payment at the global, site or department level.

Enrich Data

Trust your data by normalizing, clarifying and adding third-party data for improved accuracy.

Spend Analytics

Fact-Based Insights

Category Intelligence

Map spend and payment terms to suppliers to identify direct or indirect spend risks.

Strategic Procurement

Provide insights and project savings for strategic financial planning.

Spend Reporting

Identify how spend is being used across the entire organization with regular reporting that can identify trends. Know how KPIs are performing in real time, or pull the number of active suppliers and verify that payment terms are correct​.

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Originating from the needs of the procurement professional, Scanmarket's S2C software is built to be used. See for yourself how advanced technology can be as simple as it should be.



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Manage and keep track of all projects in one single secure repository.


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