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Centralize Supplier Data

Supplier Management Software

Centralize all supplier data and minimize administrative tasks.

Reduce risk of non-compliance by ensuring supplier information is current with automated supplier onboarding. 

Collaborate with Suppliers 

Make it a collaborative effort to centralize all supplier data, and keep relevant information and certifications up to date.

Make Decisions Fast

Expedite the decision making process by accessing supplier performance and activities in one centralized location. 

Simplify Supplier Relationships

Reduce supplier management costs by up to 85% by keeping your supply base up to date.

Avoid manual maintenance and duplication of work. Scanmarket's Supply Base Management software is equipped to distribute questionnaires that can be linked to sourcing events. 

Centralized Supplier Data

Both the buyer and supplier has access to supplier data in one central repository with the ability to update supplier information as needed.


Automation Matters

Time’s up for repetitive manual administrative tasks. Scanmarket's Supply Base Management software automates updates and requires suppliers to log their own data. Simply send an invitation to your central supplier database to update their contact records, and you no longer need to answer multiple RFIs or update email certificates every time one is required. 

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Key Features

  • Deep visibility of your supplier base
  • Single supplier repository
  • Automated supplier onboarding
  • Automate and streamline supplier management
  • Safeguard your flow of supply
  • Optimize supplier decision making
  • Protect your reputation and CSR profile


Full Visibility & Configuration

  • Access, interrogate and segment supplier data
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Numerous supplier segmentation options
  • Customized supplier surveys


  • Category-specific supplier onboarding workflows
  • Autoscoring
  • Bulk segmented messaging
  • Reminders
  • Certificate expiry notifications
  • Questionnaire/assessment assignment

Track Compliance & Manage Risk

  • Environmental, social, corporate governance, anti-slavery, child labor and more
  • React to supply chain risks/events by quick issue of custom supplier questionnaires
  • Create comparable views of all supplier information

Supplier-Driven Compliance

  • Supplier self-managed profiles
  • Maintenance of certificates
  • Supplier information verification

Support & Integration

  • Pull existing supplier data from ERP
  • Use our standard APIs and integration point to push and pull data
  • 24/5 support for internal users and suppliers
  • Support for execution, event design, strategy and volume

Supplier Base Visibility

Report and interrogate supplier data from one central repository with configurable dashboards and supplier segmentation options.

Safeguard Your Supply Chain

React to supply chain events before it's too late. Issue custom questionnaires to your supply base promptly, and interrogate the data in real time to drive data based decisions

Corporate Social Responsibility

Track and enforce supplier compliance against child labor and slavery regulations, and reduce damaging effects on the environment from your business processes. 

Streamline Supplier Management

Remove up to 65% of manual administrative workload through automated supplier onboarding workflows. Take the responsibility of gathering supplier information off your team's shoulders with self-managed supplier profiles.

Software Integration

Scanmarket's Supply Base Management software integrates with standard application programming interfaces (API's)  to push data to and from other software solutions. Consolidate your supplier ecosystem with enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and other third party systems.

Scanmarket Awarded for SBM

Scanmarket was recognized as a leader in the 2021 Strategic Sourcing Data Quadrant report from SoftwareReviews.

Supplier Management

Are you managing your suppliers, or are your suppliers managing you? Develop a single source of truth for supplier information that is accessible across the entire organization. Communicate requirements to all suppliers during the bidding process, and integrate third party information. 

Remove 65% of Your Workload

Watch Scanmarket's eSourcing Consultant, Kärt Kukke explain the benefits of utilizing SBM to gain full visibility into all your supplier data.

Supply Chain Visibility

Shared Repository

Access all supplier information from one centralized location. Scanmarket's Supply Base Management software provides visibility into all active and potential suppliers including their scores across divisions, geographies and more. Store notes, receive automated notifications for expiring files, or scheduled reminders when the supplier needs to update their information and certificates. Centralize your supplier data with full transparency for all buyers who are using the same supplier.



Dashboards provide a complete overview of all supplier activities including e-sourcing events and contracts. Avoid data backing up in an inbox, and eliminate the need for sending event invitations. Suppliers can access events directly from their own dashboard to see all upcoming events.

Supplier Master Data

Integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools and other master supplier data to include all relevant information about goods and services being sourced. Customize integrations with seamless data flow for solutions such as DocuSign, P2P and more. 

Supplier Driven Compliance

Automate maintenance of supplier certifications, documentation and scoring by transferring the responsibility for updates and verifications to the suppliers. Monitor compliance with full visibility of supplier activity including contracts, event history, contact information, certificates, files, communications and more. With Scanmarket's Supply Base Management software, all supplier data is readily available with reports, notifications and flag alerts for non-compliance issues. Suppliers simply log in to update their information and receive automated expiry reminders.

Automate Onboarding

Automatic Synchronization

Synchronize all data from responses during RFPs in the shared repository for use at a later stage.

Automated Supplier Onboarding

Provide a link on your company website for interested suppliers to register on your database, or issue a link via email. Scanmarket's Supply Base Management software verifies email addresses for security purposes and confirms completion of required registration questionnaires. Automated notifications let the relevant users know once a new supplier has registered. Review new suppliers and accept or reject based on scoring thresholds. The automated onboarding process saves time and requires fewer people in the initial screening.


Supplier Performance Management

Reduce tender workload by up to 80% with supplier score tracking to gain visibility of all supplier information. Customize your supplier surveys with scorecards, KPIs and more to compare suppliers from a 360° view. Scanmarket's Supply Base Management software provides transparency for all buyers using the same supplier and enables proactive supplier management. 

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