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eAuction Game
Let Buyers Experience an eAuction from the Suppliers Perspective


Fun and interactive gamification of an eAuction experience.

eAuction Game

Experience the Thrill of an eAuction

The eAuction experience is a fun and interactive game developed to give buyers an opportunity to experience the suppliers’ perspective of an eAuction. There are 3 or 4 teams competing against each other during the eAuction game, and each team has a different company profile with individual focus, size, and objectives to create a competitive environment.  The captain and the team members need to agree on a strategy and plan their bidding patterns in order to win. 

The eAuction game is concluded with a debrief where the winning team is announced, and we share an overview of scores, graphs, bid analysis, and our best practice recommendations for the eAuction process.

The eAuction game lasts approximately 90 minutes.  In addition, there will be a 60-minute introduction for all participants conducted by a Scanmarket consultant via a web meeting, and each team should expect about 60 minutes of preparation prior to the eAuction game to prepare their auction and bidding strategy.  The eAuction game can be conducted either onsite or online.  The choice is yours.

Game Structure

Phase 1: Preparations

The Preparations phase starts with a game introduction given to all participants, where the agenda, game rules etc. are presented. Hereafter the teams will break out in different rooms, where they will go through the hand-outs, and then prepare for the game by creating an eAuction bidding strategy that will ensure the team victory.

Phase 2: Game Time

When it is Game time, all teams will get together in the shared meeting room. A short Q&A session will be held to ensure all teams are ready to participate. Hereafter the actual game will start.

The game consists of 3 eAuctions: Reverse auction with one line (Cherry Picking auction), Reverse auction with 2 lines (CherryLot auction) and a Dutch auction.

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