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Fully Managed Events
Get the Best Results Through Collaboration With a Consultant


Let us help you push your sourcing projects across the finish line.

Scanmarket’s consultants have conducted thousands of e-sourcing events. Let us help you with yours. Whether you are a sourcing expert or just running your first e-auction, everyone needs help once in a while. Regardless of your situation, Scanmarket’s strategic consultancy team is here to help. 

Let Scanmarket help you execute eRFIs, eRFPs, eRFQs, and e-auctions to ensure you have the most efficient planning, processes, setup, and monitoring and get the greatest results for your organization. Our services are designed to provide you with the right combination of expertise, resources, and training. 

Fully Managed eSourcing Events

From pre-qualification to post-event reporting, get the best results with Scanmarket's fully managed e-sourcing events.

Check Out the Savings Generated by Your Peers

Scanmarket has run managed events for years and have generated great results when working closely with customers - building the right auction strategy, training the participating suppliers and managing the event itself.  

Check out our Savings Snapshots where you can find results from auctions covering many different categories, including physical products and services.

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