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Customer Success

Scanmarket's success rests in the hands of the people using it.

It's all about user adoption.

Implementation is only the beginning.

Bridging the Gap Between Implementation & User Adoption

At Scanmarket, we make procurement software as simple as it should be. Our Customer Success team drives fast and broad user adoption to grasp its full potential, bridging the gap between implementation and adoption.


Customer Success Project Plan

Get a Head Start

Scanmarket's Customer Success team works closely with our customers to drive user adoption, throughput and ROI. We create and implement a Success Project Plan that defines KPIs and other key metrics based on the customer's objectives.

Project-Based Learning

Our Way to Your Success

Step by Step

We take training one step at a time and mirror how users would normally execute projects. At Scanmarket, training is as relevant and close to reality as possible. 


With project-based training, users learn by doing. Participants learn what they need to know while running actual events on the system.

Dedicated Support

Users always have access to support from a dedicated Scanmarket expert, ensuring projects are executed according to best practices.


Training & Workshops

Empower Your Team to Drive Digital Transformation

Scanmarket is not your typical software provider. We are your digital procurement partner with decades of domain experience to drive user adoption.

eSourcing Workshops

Scanmarket hosts e-sourcing workshops on a regular basis. If you are about to start or are already are using an e-sourcing solution, learn how to effectively plan and conduct e-sourcing events the right way.

eAuction Strategy Seminar

Execute e-auctions effectively with the knowledge and experience required. We provide a framework for using e-auctions as a negotiation method with a solid strategy and consistent suitability analysis. 

Supplier Training

Supplier training is typically conducted prior to live e-auctions. These one-on-one trainings can be done by phone and are focused on e-auction strategy, creation and monitoring.

+500 enterprise customers

Partner with a winning team at Scanmarket.

Scanmarket's Emotional Footprint

Purchasing decisions rely on data and facts, but also on instinct. Scanmarket ranked #1 in SoftwareReviews 2021 Strategic Sourcing Emotional Footprint awards. 



We're Here to Help

Ensure source-to-contract program results with one of our expert Customer Success Managers to guide you.

Anything but the Usual

A New Way of Procurement

This is our approach to elevate the impact of source-to-contract solutions.

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