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Strategic Sourcing Software

Fast User Adoption

Empowering Procurement, legal, and finance functions to digitalize procurement processes


Spend Analytics

Get a true picture of your spend, and make fact-based and strategic procurement decisions.

Project Management

Take control of your source-to-contract process, and track all your projects in one place.


Find, evaluate and select the best vendors to drive savings, increase value and manage risk.


Increase supplier competition and manage complex negotiations to secure savings for your organization.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Reduce exposure to risk and control authoring, versions, and approval workflows through centralized contract management.

Supplier Risk & Performance Management

Identify potential risks and manage global supplier relationships in one centralized repository. 

Advanced Functionality

Best-of-Breed Solutions Coexists with Full-Suite Procurement Technology

Leaders are driving the digitalization of buying, contract, and risk management functions across the globe. Many are transitioning away from a fixed platform mentality and towards a seamless coexistence of best-of-breed and source-to-pay solutions.

Getting the most from your S2C software does not mean you need to choose one solution over the other.  Maintain your full-suite foundation, enhanced by a flexible S2C software solution with high adoption rates - and reap the benefits of both.

What Our Customers Say About Scanmarket

Scanmarket is not your typical software provider. We are your digital procurement partner with decades of domain experience and are always available to support you.

This is not just our claim. Check out what our customers say in the 2022 SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint report.

Experts at Your Fingertips

Our experts are always on hand and ready to support you.
Whether it’s a technical issue or professional advice, Scanmarket is just a Quick Call away.

User Adoption is Key

Your success is our success.

Implementing a source-to-contract solution won’t guarantee results. Using it does.

With people at the center of everything we do, Scanmarket drives secure, fast, and broad user adoption with advanced functionalities in an effortless experience - driven by your dedicated customer success manager.

We help our customers reach digital maturity through adoption, but doing so takes more than a digital tool. We put people first. Organizations, departments, and teams are essential to adopting a new approach to procurement automation.

Implementing user-friendly technology, coupled with ongoing training of all users is essential to empower procurement functions to take a digital leap and adopt a new approach to procurement automation. 

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We're here for you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Real-time access to strategic sourcing experts is just a Quick Call away.

People First

We put people first and integrate with technology you know and already use.

Great source-to-contract software lies at the intersection between advanced technology and an effortless experience. With an array of experts at your fingertips, user adoption is as simple as it should be.

People first

Learn how Scanmarket implements solutions and drives adoption as your organization develops.

Integration with industry applications

Scanmarket integrates with a wealth of systems, so you can get a holistic view of your business.

Digitalization Benefits Different Stakeholders

Scanmarket provides flexible solutions that enable procurement, legal, and finance leaders at all levels to accelerate their digital adoption in focused phases – step by step.


Savings & Value Creation

Create value through digitalization that drives savings across the entire organization.


Automation & Compliance

Purpose-built functionalities eliminate administrative work and automate compliance requirements.


Time-Saving Processes

Increase efficiency and save time through streamlined processes. Free up time for more strategic thinking.


Compliance & Tracking

Reduce exposure to legal risk and increase compliance through centralized control of contracts and documentation.

Cloud-based Technology

Our solution is delivered as a Software as a Service, lowering costs and enabling fast deployment and scalability, and removing the responsibility for patching and maintenance.  Scanmarket runs an extensive Information Security Management System and is subject to continuous, systematic review and improvement.

500+ Customers

Scanmarket's software is built to make S2C management as simple as it should be.

But, don’t take our word for it.

Scanmarket a Best-of-Breed Procurement Solution
Read the latest SoftwareReviews Impact Report to find out how Scanmarket enables true digital procurement.

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