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eRFx Software

The Right Suppliers at the Right Place

Streamline pre-qualifications and supplier shortlisting through a shared platform for designing, distributing, collecting, and analyzing Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Quotations (RFQs), and Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Scanmarket is trusted by businesses across the globe

Automation Matters

The key to successful source-to-contract management lies in the ability to enable your teams to make great decisions – and to do so, automation is everything.

Collect and share information across the entire organization and automate processes to increase efficiency.  Compare and rank suppliers on qualitative and quantitative measures and quantify soft values.  Make it easy to participate in your pre-qualifications, and to review the results as a stakeholder.

Improve process, compliance, efficiency, and results across all your sourcing activities with eRFx software.

Prequalify, Analyze and Shortlist Suppliers with eRFx

The more knowledge you gain about your suppliers, the more competent you will be when it’s time to select the right ones for further negotiation on terms and price.
With everything connected, you will gain control of the strategic sourcing process and increase your negotiation leverage.

Monitor the eRFx Process
As a buyer, you can follow all information that is entered by suppliers. The status of each supplier can also be monitored.
Communicate with Suppliers
You can communicate with individual or all suppliers through the Scanmarket eRFx software.
Edit the Process
You can add more suppliers, edit the questions or amend the text during the eRFx process if required.

Set Your Team Up
for Success

Reduce cycle times by up to 50% with RFx templates.

Don’t make your team repeat themselves. Easily create, edit and reuse event templates to vet suppliers in one seamless experience.
Setting up an eRFx event is straightforward. Simply describe the eRFx conditions and terms. Add internal and external participants that you want to include in the event. Then attach any applicable notes for you and your stakeholders.
You can also outline optional questions for suppliers and create the bidding structure to be completed by suppliers. The structure is flexible and can be uploaded using Excel. Audit documentation is instantly available.

With seamless integration

Integrate with what you know and already use.

Scanmarket integrates seamlessly with leading technology solutions to create an effortless experience for the end user.

... and fantastic eRFx functionalities

Increase Competition & Spend Under Management
By automating and streamlining sourcing processes, easily include additional suppliers in each sourcing event, alongside running more sourcing events per category and across more categories to benefit from developments in the marketplace and maximize the value from your sourcing program.
Collaborate & Share Knowledge
Get inspiration from colleagues and reuse successful sourcing events. Collaborate using internal RFI templates, messaging, and notes. Share resources in the document library.
Unbiased Bid Analysis
Gain instant overview of potential ROI and savings through intuitive cost-benefit analysis, enabling you to make supplier decisions – based on facts and like for like comparison of qualitative and quantitative measurements.
Standardize Sourcing Processes
Create a standardized and structured approach to sourcing with general and category-specific templates containing accurate messaging, questions, and documents.
Reporting & Continuous Improvement
Slice and dice sourcing event data to interrogate global activity and savings across business units, geographies, teams, categories, and individuals. Filter by event type, number of invited suppliers, past supplier responses, and pricing. Use the data to drive tactical and strategic improvements.
Electronic Tender Portal
Design, distribute, collect, and analyze RFIs, RFPs, and RFQs through one process, and share information across the entire organization.
Protect Against Bribery & Corruption
Sealed events, audit logs, and PDF event reports protect against unethical behavior such as bribery and corruption.
Customizable BidMatrix
Analyze exactly what you need using the customizable BidMatrix. Combine RFI and RFQ data into an editable BidMatrix that helps you collect, organize, and evaluate up to one million data points.
Excel Integration for Offline Events
You can decide whether you want to work in the Scanmarket platform or Excel. This may be particularly useful when building large, complicated events that require a significant amount of data entry. Templates for populating and uploading are easy and simple to use.

500+ Happy Customers

Scanmarket's software is built to make S2C management as simple as it should be.

But don't just take our word for it 

"If I had conducted the sourcing process as a traditional face-to-face negotiation, I would have spent at least 3 months on the whole process. With the Scanmarket platform, I have managed to complete the same process in less than three weeks!"

Dániel Gál, Global Senior Sourcing Analyst at Grundfos

“Every single user has been creating their own events resulting in an outstanding 100% adoption rate.”

Andreas Bivall, Head of Procurement Development & Group Categories at Boliden

“At Home Trust, we are now in year one of post-procurement digital transformation, and we are extremely pleased with how it is working out at this point. Scanmarket was an integral part of our journey, and we are happy with our partnership.”

Sanja Cancar-Todorovic, Head of Enterprise Procurement, Outsourcing, and Vendor Management at Home Trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which tender processes can I optimize using eRFx?

With Scanmarket's RFx software, you can easily leverage all your supplier knowledge to optimize tendering processes and keep your team in the know about your suppliers.

New potential suppliers

  • Sourcing and screening for new potential suppliers
  • Pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) and normal tenders

Benchmark current suppliers

  • Consolidation of the internal supplier base
  • Benchmark current suppliers against the market
  • Development of current suppliers
  • Equality & diversity surveys
  • Supplier satisfaction surveys
  • Selection of supplier of the year
  • Measurement of carbon footprint
  • Vacations

Use internally in your organization

  • Surveys
  • Evaluations of courses or training exercises
  • Gathering of stakeholder information

How will suppliers use eRFx?

Suppliers will get a unique login in order to participate in an event.  Closely monitor event participants to ensure everything is progressing as expected. Scanmarket provides a unique login experience so stakeholders do not have to keep track of login information. Login assistance constitutes the vast majority of IT support requests, but Scanmarket's unique login system simplifies the login process to reduce support requirements.

Is it possible to carry out unbiased bid analysis?

Make supplier decisions with an instant overview of potential savings based on intuitive cost-benefit analyses comparing qualitative and quantitative measurements. Extensive evaluation settings incorporate multiple ways to look at event results including:

  • Parameters for the inclusion or exclusion of data and different groupings.
  • Scoring for different weightings to be placed on inputs such as price, delivery, service levels, and more.
  • Stakeholder input to solicit opinions and ratings from members of your internal team.

Which RFx formats do you support?

Design your RFI, RFP or RFQ according to your specific needs using different eRFx formats such as Cherry Picking, List, CherryLot™, and BidMatrix. Evaluate and score bids with the right information, and tailor negotiation settings to map your strategy.

  • Group bid line items according to your best scenario via lotting and sublotting.
  • Collect qualitative information via RFI, quantitative (e.g. price) information via RFQ, and both qualitative and quantitative via RFP.
  • Use as multi-stage RFx events to progress early-stage RFI through a detailed RFP to final price negotiation RFQ
  • A BidMatrix allows for the collection, organization, and evaluation of up to one million data points.
  • RFQ BidMatrix is a request for quantitative information through a bid list - not a regular bid list, but an editable matrix.
  • The BidMatrix contains one or more lots, and each lot contains a completely customizable matrix where you control the data input.
  • Large amounts of both qualitative and quantitative data can be collected and distributed through the matrix.
  • RFX BidMatrix is a combination of an RFI and an RFQ BidMatrix that contains a questionnaire and an editable matrix.

Which type of support do you provide?

We provide 24/5 Quick Call support for your internal users and suppliers. 

Quick Call support is not like your typical support desk. With Scanmarket, you have direct access to our global team of expert source-to-contract consultants who can resolve your issues rapidly. We often hear from our customers that Scanmarket's Quick Call support is the best in the industry.

Quick Call support is available to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. 85% of Quick Calls are answered in less than a minute, and 95% are answered within five minutes.